2011 Campaign Message Series Information

Suggested Campaign 5-week Series
Note: Complete manuscripts or programming will not be provided

Note to Pastors: This suggested series may be done the 5 weeks of the actual campaign. It is targeted primarily at non-believers. The idea with the Campaign Message series is to show people how a relationship with Christ changes our story. You might want to show 2wordstory video clips from the website during the series, or have people from your congregation tell their 2wordstory during the service. Part of the thinking behind this series is that it will give visitors (who have been curious about the whole 2wordstory buzz) the opportunity to dig further into the idea that a relationship with Christ can change their life. The examples chosen show how Jesus brings different kinds of change to people’s lives. Of course, you can adapt this material as you wish, or change the characters entirely to different examples.

Message Materials

April 11th, 2011 – Fellow brothers and sisters in Christ,

Spiritual revival is what we all desire for our region. We are praying that God will use the EACH campaign to bring about revival. Shirley and I once heard the most amazing talk on revival that we have ever heard. It was by given in 2005 at a large conference for 4,000 Christian workers. The speaker was Nancy Leigh DeMoss. It has since become a classic message (and a book) on spiritual revival, a message that has been greatly used of God to ignite revival fires in thousands of lives, churches, and ministries.

“Brokenness: The Heart God Revives” is an invitation to encounter God – on His terms. It is a call to discover His heart and His ways; a challenge to embrace a radically new way of thinking and living, in which the way up is down (humility), death brings life, and brokenness is the pathway to wholeness and blessedness.”

As we move into the heart of the EACH campaign, Shirley and I want to invite you all to watch this powerful message. It will minister to you greatly. God is looking for hearts that are broken vessels through whom He can display His amazing love, grace and power. Let those people be us! There are also some down-loadable message notes and the contrasted qualities of PROUD Vs BROKEN PEOPLE attached as PDF files.

We join with all of you in praying for God to move in our region like never before!

Everyone A Chance . . .

Bob and Shirley Shirock

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