“What’s up with all these words? What’s your story?”

Some helpful hints…
1. As you think about your life before you knew Jesus and your life after you came to know His life-changing love, is there a word that might best describe that?

2. Keep it short – State the facts, use details, but quickly explain how you used to be, how you met Christ, how He changed you. Be able to tell it in three minutes or less.

3. Avoid “Christianese” – Don’t use words like “testimony.” Instead, say “story.” People don’t understand or might be negatively confused or turned-off by expressions like “saved” or “born again.” Instead, explain how you “became a Christian” or “became a Christ-follower.” Remember, your hope is to engage non-believers who don’t know all those Christian buzz words.

It will be exciting to hear about all the opportunities God gives you to share your story which is really His story!

Below is a list of 2Word stories that people have submitted. Click the titles to see the rest of the story.

Do you have a 2WordStory to tell? Click here to add your story to this list.

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