Detroit 67: Looking Back to Move Forward

Although issues of racial injustice go back centuries, to the very foundation of America, the awareness
of these issues for many of us came to a head in the mid 1960’s, with Detroit being in the forefront with
the racial unrest in the summer of 1967. Now, 50 years later, the issue of racial injustice is back in the
forefront in America. Detroit has a unique opportunity to speak into this issue and to give a
demonstration to our nation of how we can REVERSE negative trends and set in motion new ways of
cooperating with one another and showing respect to all.

The One Church of metro Detroit will launch a series of initiatives that are intended to further discussion
on racial issues and, at the same time, to take action in tangible ways to change the relational
atmosphere in our city, and ultimately share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Strategies to Promote Relational Unity:

1. Pastors Gatherings for discussion and prayer.

    1. Encourage ongoing suburban and city


    pastoral small group meetings for prayer and discussion.

2. Regional Prayer Gatherings.

    Regional prayer meetings where several suburban and city churches link together on the same evening for a combined night of prayer. Possibly a major Prayer Walk in the future.

3. Sermon Series.

    Churches simultaneously participating in a high impact three -week series in June 2017. Suggested titles- Better Together, United We Stand, Race and Reconciliation.

4. Central High School Neighborhood Project.

    Partnering with Life Remodeled as they invest in the neighborhood surrounding Central High School, the city’s first public high school, in the community where Detroit’s civil unrest began.

5. Youth Immersion.

    Mobilize youth from Detroit and its suburbs to assist in Life Remodeled’s Six-Day Project. Youth participants will have the opportunity to work, live, and eat together in shared housing, as well as participate together in evening events, and engage in cross cultural connections.

6. Mentoring DPS 3rd grades.

    Promote long term academic achievement through a year-long mentoring program involving all 3rd graders who are currently below reading level (1500-2000 children beginning Sept 2017).

7. Detroit Police Dept.

    Representatives from the Christian church will work with the local police department to enhance efforts toward bettering police-community relations.

8. Pastor/church partnerships.

    City and suburban pastors/churched will join to build relationships and engage in joint projects.