EACH Overview

Everyone A Chance To Hear

Collaborating together with all the evangelical churches in our region . . . Having blanketed our efforts in substantial prayer . . .Using every good strategy available to us . . . Having trained our people to be ambassadors for Christ in their world . . .For Forty days beginning with Easter 2011…

We will attempt to give everyone in our region (over 3.5 million people)  a chance to hear the message of Christ and to take the ‘next step’ in their spiritual journey.

Mission Statement: Working together as a body of believers, we will give everyone in the Metropolitan Detroit area a chance to take the next step in their journey toward Jesus.

Lord willing, this will be the widest and most effective evangelistic campaign in the history of Michigan.  The goal is not simply to give every person multiple chances to connect with the message of Christ; but also . . .To see tens of thousands come to faith in Christ . . . To see churches and church leaders working together as one body . . . To see substantial growth in our existing churches . . .To see momentum in the planting of many new churches in our region . . .To permanently alter the spiritual landscape of Southeastern Michigan . . .To make a statement to a watching world: Detroit IS rebuilding, and JESUS is the foundation of our comeback!

From the recent 2010 Time Magazine Annual Edition:

Opening sentence: “Detroit has become an icon of the failed American city.”

Closing sentence: “The world is now watching Detroit with interest – and waiting to see if it finds a way to rise from the ashes.”

The time is now to show a watching world that Metro-Detroit has found a way to rise from the ashes . . . and that ‘way’ is more than inner-city green spaces and smarter cars.  That ‘way’ has something to do with the Lordship of Jesus in this region. And the only way the Lordship of Jesus is going to be felt in our region is if the church rises up to its mandate to boldly tell the world its message and give everyone a chance to hear it and respond to it.

E.A.C.H. Steering Committee