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SOAR Detroit


Get Involved

Here’s what most churches who are getting involved are doing:

First, pastors are showing a video specifically designed to help churches recruit mentors, as part of their Sunday morning announcements or as part of the sermon.

Pastors are then encouraging the congregation to join the movement.

Churches have been distributing this flyer sometimes as part of the bulletin. SOAR Detroit is happy to provide these cards.

A table is typically set up somewhere where the SOAR team is happy to sign people up and be available for questions.

And we’ll take it from there!

Please call us at 313-221-9080 or send me an email, matt@soardetroit.com, if there is any way I can serve you as you explore partnering with us!


Matt Mancinelli, CEO
21001 Moross Road, Detroit, MI 48236


become A MENTOR

Volunteer once a week to spend an hour reading with a kid, typically on their commute home at one of a number of sites located along major interstates across the city.

be tutored

Get affordable one-on-one tutoring for your child with individualized lesson plans. Sessions include reading, writing, vocabulary building, and comprehension.