2011 Message Series Information

The (Second) Greatest Story Ever Told
EACH Six Week Message Series

The Message Series is Optional, however, we pray that each participating church/ministry will lay the Biblical foundation as to “Why” we are to be reaching the lost. Please feel free to modify the series as you deem fit including title changes for the series itself and/or individual weeks.

We have developed this message series from Genesis to Revelation – the GREATEST story ever
told! THE (SECOND) GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD is “your story” – Jesus in you! We pray that
this title of the six-week message series and training curriculum will:

1. Raise questions and start conversations
2. Capture the concept of God’s great love and plan of redemption through Jesus Christ
3. Raise the bar on the importance of “our story” and put focus on the action step of sharing
Christ with others
4. Be compelling to non-believers as well as believers, using the story theme
5. Prepare the believer to be able to tell “their story” – The (Second) Greatest Story Ever Told

In this series we look at some amazing common themes in the Bible from start to finish. We will see the heart of Jesus and how “our story” fits into it. It also gives us the biblical foundation to see the role we are to play in this story we find ourselves in.

One of the hardest things for people to share is Jesus in their lives – “their story”. This series is going to end with all of us sharing how the Lord has worked in our lives with those who do not know Him. During the six weeks we are going to be hearing from Moses, Jonah, and Jesus. As we uncover the Father’s consistent love and redemption plan through Jesus Christ for us in all of these stories, we are going to realize together what our role is in sharing Christ with others. Lord willing those who do not know Him will realize how much He loves them, and will be drawn to Him. We pray too that those who already follow Him will realize that sharing “their story” with others is not only something good to do, but it’s also what God calls us to do.

We understand that when multiple churches come together there are different styles and preferences, so when it comes to the Message Series weekly titles, we have come up with the following which have been designed to feel like chapter titles in a book.

Week 1 – In The Beginning
Week 2 – Let My People Go
Week 3 – Just Like Jonah
Week 4 – Lost And Found
Week 5 – Asleep In The Light
Week 6 – Time to Celebrate
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