ChromoWealth Reviews: A 10-Minute Audio Track To Activate Wealth Chromosomes!


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ChromoWealth Reviews

Is ChromoWealth one of the law of attraction programs? Considering that it’s claimed working mechanism is meant to attract wealth, it seems that way. However, the creator says it’s nothing of the sort and he doesn’t even believe in the law of attraction.

So, what exactly is this wealth manifestation program? How is it any different from other such wealth manifestation principles including the law of attraction? This ChromoWealth review answers it all.



Price: $39

ChromoWealth presents a wealth manifestation program that revolves around a 10-minute audio track designed at a particular frequency or a blend of two frequencies. Listening to these frequencies as directed is claimed to activate “wealth chromosomes,” attracting abundance unexpectedly.

ChromoWealth Reviews: Can It Truly Attract Abundance In Life?

First, let’s talk about the law of attraction. It is also a kind of manifestation technique that uses the power of thoughts to attract things one wants. As per the law, a person attracts what they obsessively think of. If the thoughts are positive, what they attract will also be positive, and if they are negative, it will be evident in the things and events they attract.

However, the ChromoWealth program does not follow this principle. It is an entirely different concept based on the technique of wealth chromosome activation, something out of the ancient scriptures. The program has an interesting backstory, about its origin, scientific discoveries, identification and replication of the frequency used, and the decision to sell it worldwide, among the needy. But to decide on a purchase, one needs more information that could support their decision. 

This ChromoWealth review intends to lend a helping hand toward that process and the final decision. It has analyzed every aspect of the program including its working mechanism and the benefits offered and offers a summary of other ChromoWealth reviews on the internet. Enjoy reading! 

ChromoWealth Review
Program NameChromoWealth
CategoryWealth manifestation program
FormatAudio track
Duration10 minutes a day
CreatorRichard Hartley
Main Benefits▪️ Draws wealth and abundance
▪️ Boosts self-confidence
▪️ Improves physical health
▪️ Promotes success in life
Customer Reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐
Money-Back Guarantee365-day money-back guarantee
Bonuses▪️ Opulent Echos (Audio Guide)
▪️ WealthScribe (Book)
▪️ Wealth Pulse Frequency (Audio Guide)
AvailabilityChromoWealth official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is ChromoWealth?

Chromowealth is a wealth manifestation program centered around a 10-minute audio track set at a certain frequency or a combination of two different frequencies to be exact. These frequencies, if listened to for the recommended time, in the instructed way, supposedly activate the “wealth chromosomes” to attract abundance in ways no one would expect. 

The frequencies are a replica of the vibrational hum that exists in one of the underground caves in Turkey. This hum was discovered to be the reason why the individuals who explore this cave once get rich suddenly. The frequencies were identified by a scientist named Jim who successfully replicated the vibrational hum for the first time.

Although both Jim and Richard Hartley, the creator of the ChromoWealth audio program went through a trial and error phase in the beginning, everything went smoothly once they understood how to use the two frequencies for attracting money properly. Let’s get into its working mechanism in a little more detail.

How Does ChromoWealth Work?

ChromoWealth wealth manifestation program works around the concepts of spiritual telomeres, wealth chromosomes, and enlightened mode. Essentially, it works to fix the length of the shortened telomeres, protecting the wealth chromosomes and bringing the person who listens to it into the “enlightened mode”.

Spiritual telomeres, similar to physical telomeres are what protect the chromosomes from damage. These telomeres get damaged as we age and when we get exposed to external factors like radiation, pesticides, chemicals in food, microplastics, polluted air, and other kinds of toxins. This results in the chromosomes that contain manifestations powers losing that ability as they lose the protection and get affected by these toxins directly.

On listening to the ChromoWealth audio track for ten minutes a day, the length of these damaged telomeres gets restored to normal. This will automatically make the chromosomes powerful again and the individual who listens to it will be able to manifest wealth like never before.

Once the chromosomes regain their potency, the individual enters into enlightened mode, letting them attract wealth from the universe with zero effort on their part. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?  

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Benefits And Key Factors Of ChromoWealth

The benefits offered by the ChromoWealth soundtrack are all related to not just manifesting wealth but anything a person wishes for in life.

ChromoWealth Benefits

☑️Attract wealth: The universe is rich and has everything a person needs. Anyone can take what’s theirs as long as one is capable of manifesting it. It’s nothing like the law of attraction where someone thinks of wealth to attract it. Rather, the ChromoWealth money-attracting program needs no effort on the user’s part except for listening to the audio track for a few minutes a day. 

☑️Abundant health: Although the ChromoWealth track primarily focuses on wealth, there are no restrictions for the individual to manifest health with it. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from health conditions in the long term but have never been able to be free of it even after getting treatments of all kinds.  

☑️Boosts confidence: Improvements in health and wealth status can transform a person beyond recognition. The user will gain a new kind of confidence that will make them stand out from the herd. 

☑️Advancement in life: The newly gained confidence and intelligence through the ChromoWealth program will also have an impact on different areas of a person’s life, be it their business, career, or even education. It will develop as manifested, in ways that are preplanned. 

How To Use The ChromoWealth Program?

ChromoWealth is one of those programs that do not require much effort from the user’s side to participate. It is a ten-minute audio track that can be accessed through a cellphone. To use it, the user either needs a pair of AirPods or a headphone that can be connected to the device.

ChromoWealth Audio Track

It is important that there shouldn’t be any interruptions while listening to the ChromoWealth soundtrack. So, pick a quiet place to sit and pair the device with the headphones. Once connected, put on the headphones, click the play button, and listen to the audio track for 10 minutes continuously

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Are There Any ChromoWealth Side Effects Reported?

Is it even possible to have any side effects for such a program? Regardless of whether it is, or not, nobody has reported anything of that kind even after listening to the ChromoWealth audio track for months. However, if the user has some kind of infection in their ears or has undergone surgery for issues related to it, seek medical advice before starting the program.

This also applies to those who have any serious medical condition, pregnant women, and nursing mothers since these ChromoWealth sound waves work at a genetic level and could have unexpected consequences on their health.     

Pros And Cons Of ChromoWealth

How often something that brings wealth to someone’s life has drawbacks? Although it’s not that often, it’s not impossible either. Here’s a list of the ChromoWealth pros and cons to help everyone weigh them both before making the purchase. 


  • ChromoWealth audio is accessible through any mobile device
  • Reasonably priced and is affordable to everyone
  • Comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Features three additional bonuses
  • Easy-to-follow method


ChromoWealth Price And Availability

Since restricted availability is already mentioned, it’s clear that it is not available everywhere, especially on platforms that are popular among the common population. The program is available exclusively on the ChromoWealth official website created specifically for selling it along with making people aware of the existence of such a program. 

Although the ChromoWealth digital program is worth at least $5000 according to the creator and was originally priced at $275, which was later slashed to $67, is now available at merely 39 USD. The intention behind such a huge discount is to make it accessible to people from all kinds of backgrounds.

Once the payment process is completed, the customer will receive an email within 15 minutes, giving access to the entire program through a device of their choice. 

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ChromoWealth Bonuses And Refund Policy

Every purchase of ChromoWealth features three additional bonuses associated with manifestation.  

ChromoWealth Bonuses

⭐Opulent Echos: This book is meant to guide the user into a meditative state where one can explore the entire potential of the ChromoWealth program without distractions. 

WealthScribe: WealthScribe is a guide to understanding the sudden flow of wealth and abundance to life and teaching how to manage it properly.  

Wealth Pulse Frequency: This is a frequency set in a specific range that can complement and enhance the powers of the “vibrational hum” used in the ChromoWealth abundance program. This will accelerate the impact of the program and the flow of abundance into the user’s life. 

The money-back guarantee of the ChromoWealth wealth manifestation system is for 365 days. The user can follow the program for the entire period without the risk of losing money and claim a full refund in case it doesn’t work.

Follow the steps for the return process as given on the ChromoWealth official website, and the creator will reimburse the spent amount to the original source of payment in the shortest time possible. 

ChromoWealth Customer Reviews And Experiences

It is doubtful whether one can see such a happy bunch of customers anywhere else as there are in the ChromoWealth reviews. The users belong to different categories based on the period for which these people have been following this program. Some of them have been users for about six to eight months while some have barely started practicing the routine.  

Although a few of them who have been listening to the ChromoWealth track for about a month have raised complaints about the program saying that it’s not working as fast as expected it would, the long-term users have no such complaints. However, it’s not the same for everyone. Some of them have received the benefits even within a few weeks of use and still haven’t stopped listening to the track.

Most of the users have received limitless wealth after starting with the ChromoWealth money manifestation program. Some have had improvements in their health conditions that have been annoyingly persistent for a long time and none of the treatments worked. A lot of them had stories about securing their dream job and getting promoted at work with a high-figure income.

In summary, the ChromoWealth customer reviews indicate users have a positive outlook on the program, finding it as effective as promised.

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Final Verdict And Recommendations: ChromoWealth Reviews

Is ChromoWealth merely a manifestation program for wealth? What more does it offer? Did anyone receive these benefits by following the program? More importantly, did this ChromoWealth review answer all the possible questions?

Rather than working on an abundance mindset development like the law of attraction theory, this program works on the genetic level, enabling the individual to attract wealth without even lifting a finger. Customer feedback on the ChromoWealth program also backs this claim with enough evidence.

It has a very impressive customer base that recommends this program to anyone in need and swears by it to receive the promised results. ChromoWealth audio program not only brings abundance in wealth but also in health, career, family, and life as a whole.

The program is easy to purchase. It will be delivered to the customer within a maximum time of fifteen minutes post payment and can be accessed through any electronic device. ChromoWealth only requires ten minutes a day and nothing else. The program leaves no space to worry since it comes with a year-round money-back guarantee. What more could one ask?     

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1. I’m a little impatient. Will the ChromoWealth manifestation program take too long to work?

Based on ChromoWealth customer reviews, the result time frame cannot be predicted. It could bring results in as little as a day or two or even take months. All that can be said is to wait for a year at least and see if it’s just taking a little more time in your case.

2. Is there a limit to the kind of wealth one can amass?

No, there is not. However, the ChromoWealth digital program doesn’t encourage greediness either. One can make up for it by contributing to charities and giving away unwanted wealth to those in need.

3. Does ChromoWealth cure cancer?

Curing cancer depends on a lot of factors. It sure will work to treat the symptoms of the condition and prolong the patient’s life, and sometimes, if the person is lucky enough and has a strong connection with the universe, it will get cured. 

4. Can it get me a raise at work?

It can. Listening to the ChromoWealth audio brings abundance in every area of a person’s life, including their family, career, and academics. 

5. What if the ChromoWealth money-attracting program doesn’t work for me?

If it doesn’t work, you have the option to claim a refund, that too within 365 days of making the purchase. Use that and get your money back if you find the program not working for you.  

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