How To Use Abundance Checks For New Moon Manifesting?

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Using Abundance Checks For New Moon Manifesting

Are you thinking about manifesting wealth and prosperity? Moon manifesting can work wonders, be prepared to welcome greater success and prosperity. With a little assistance from the Universe, there are ways to connect your thoughts to reality. While it might sound basic, prosperity is a perspective, and instruments like manifestation can assist you with making the shift to reality.

Manifesting New Moon Energy With Abundance Checks

Moon Manifesting is one among the most profoundly used manifesting techniques by millionaires. It is a simple and robust method for attracting more wealth with some assistance from the universe.  

The new moon is considered to be an entryway for manifesting your dreams and transforming them to reality. It’s a period of new beginning and fresh start, the best time for setting goals, creating new wishes and expanding your life to new horizons. The thought is to utilise the energy of the New moon to sow a seed and watch it sprout all through the remaining moon cycle. Let’s check out all you need to know about the Abundance check for moon manifesting;

Manifesting New Moon Energy With Abundance Checks

What is an Abundance Check?

Abundance checks normally known as manifestation checks are checks that you make for yourself. They act as a substantial wake-up call for your dream in life. These are images of your expectations from life, making them strong and holy. Abundance check like any other form of  manifestation work in the general rule that good energy attracts good. 

How does Abundance Check for Moon Manifesting work?

Abundance checks are fundamentally used to attract more wealth. It doesn’t mean that abundance is the overflow of money, it can be wealth in numerous ways, for instance gifts, praises, employment, free vacation and so on.

You can write down anything you desire, whether health, emotional wellness or even a promotion. This works simply as a tool to elevate you to your desired life. The moment you write down the check you become a vibrational match to the overflow of abundance. 

Steps for Moon Manifesting

Step 1: Take a check from your check book or make one yourself in  a paper and write your name in the space provided

Step 2: Write the desired amount in the dedicated box and above or beneath the amount mark,”pay in full”.

Step 3: Instead of your signature, write down “the law of plenty” in the space provided.

Step 4: Place the check properly in a safe place. You can put it somewhere it is easy for you to see now and then, this will create a sensation of receiving the desire.

Step 5: Believe in the universe. Trust is the primary factor. You have already put your desire before the universe. 

Ideal places to put the check of Abundance

You can keep a manifestation journal. It is an effective method to affirm your desires, track their progress and a way of motivation.

You can keep your check inside the manifestation journal.

You can also keep the check in your wallet and carry it with you. Wallets are related to money and keeping your check inside your wallet is ideal. So that whenever you spend money from your wallet, the check will remind you that more money is on its way. 

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Things to remember

  • New moon is considered auspicious  to set new goals and begin new projects
  • Full moon is associated with manifestation, completion and liberation
  • You can manifest for one or more aspects of your life
  • Maintain strong belief during the process, this can attract stronger positive vibration
  • Never doubt or maintain double mind while manifesting, the stronger your belief, the stronger the vibration 
  • In any event if you do not have a chequebook account, do not panic. You can take a piece of paper and make it look like a check. The result will be the same.
  • Feel the abundance of prosperity and be grateful for already having the money. Universe loves people who are grateful.
  • Your feelings are signs of how close a vibrational match you are to your longing. Feel positive and already thankful.
  • Once the wish is granted you can tear the check or burn it down and you can also write a new one for the next desire.


An Abundance Check is supposed to have a restricted life span. It depends on the lifespan of the Moon stage, that is 28 days. After writing down the check you can review the abundance in the next cycle and be thankful for the prosperity the universe has showered upon you.

This will help you get a track of how the universe works in your favour. The new moon denotes the start of another stage and consequently another cycle.

Be ready with the next check for the next full moon cycle. Always remember to trust the process, the more you trust the better for you!

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