The Impact Of Affirmations On Mindset – A Pathway To A Healthier Mindset!

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Affirmations and mindset

The impact of positive thoughts on performance no longer needs to be demonstrated. This, the body and the subconscious submit to the suggestion of our thoughts. If we think often without realizing it, that we are not capable of something, our strengths are mobilized in such a way that we’ll have difficulty succeeding, despite all our efforts.

Conversely, if we strongly believe that we are capable of achieving it, we’ll feel more confident, and carrying out the action will seem easier with significantly better results.

When you’re not in control of your thoughts, they take different paths depending on the event of your day and you can feel carried away by your negative thoughts. Positive affirmation is a simple and effective way to refocus your self talk, in order to put yourself in the desired state of mind.

How Affirmations Shape Well-Being?

There are different ways to use this technique.

Impact Of Affirmations On Mindset And Well-Being

✅ Affirmation can be read or recited out loud with conviction. You can say positive affirmation in your head before, during or after a specific event. Some people will slip a rock into their coat pocket, they will recite their affirmations every time they feel the Peebles under their finger (, anchoring).

✅ It should be noted that affirmations are particularly effective at certain key moments: in the evening before falling asleep, in the morning upon waking up and after a short meditation. Because these are times when our mind is more malleable.

✅ Affirmation must therefore be personalized to who you are seeking to accomplish or change, and what you believe in. It must be conceptualized along with an unwavering belief that it is so.

Here are some examples for inspiration 

  • I put positive into everything I do 
  • I Love my body as it is
  • I have a balanced lifestyle and I take care of myself
  • I deserve to be happy
  • I recognize my body as my Ally
  • I free myself from the past and open myself to the present
  • I know everything will be fine
  • I am embedded with all the elements to succeed with me

It is recommended to use positive affirmations every day to focus your mind daily on what you are looking for.

Choose the affirmations that make you feel good, change the word if it makes affirmation more powerful, believe in each affirmation, and say them with conviction. You will then succeed in focusing your thoughts and maintaining a state of mind conducive to achieving your result.

This little Internal voice that confuses your mind, that makes you doubt yourself, that is so stubborn, that is difficult to chase away. You would like to erase it from your life as often as possible. However, affirmation, by dint of being repeated, can sweep it aside, ready to test them on a daily basis?

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Repeat your positive affirmation

Write your affirmation on a post to stick on the bathroom mirror, for example. Stand in front of the mirror and recite your positive affirmation several times in the morning and evening.Repeat it being sure of yourself, because the information will make you believe it

Make it a habit until you feel that your goal has been achieved. Sometimes, it will take a week, 21 days, a month etc. This time frame is different from one to another, so don’t put pressure on yourself. Positive affirmations can be written, recorded and then listened to repeatedly during the day, symbolized by an image or illustration.

Benefits of Affirmation

Don’t they say that positive attracts positive, it is true that positive affirmation have positive effects on the body and mind such as

  • Developing self confidence
  • Optimism in the face of life trials
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Improving sleep 
  • Professional and personal success
  • The general attitude which will be more open to the world and others. 

Final Thoughts On Affirmation on Mindset

A few sentences can change your life and your entire personality, so try this method today, and adopt it for life. Be positive, walk yourself away from all negative attraction and use the magic of affirmation to path a self productive life.

You should always note and remember this, that if it is going to be, it is up to you, whatever you desire to actualize in the material world must first be conceptualized through positive affirmation of such, either in the negative or positive.

The power in your self affirmation is the building block of the totality of things around you, and not only that, these things are under the control of the power of affirmation.

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