Shifting Vibrations Reviews: How To Manifest Money  Effortlessly?


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Astral hq Shifting Vibrations digital program

In this Shifting Vibrations review, we will be going through the specifications of a new manifestation program that has gained enormous popularity in recent times. More and more people are getting intrigued by Shifting Vibrations, a novel manifestation program that claims to unlock one’s manifestation powers with ease.

Apparently, unlike other manifestation programs that invent new bizarre ways to manifest, the Shifting Vibrations introduces a 5000-year-old manifestation technique that has been proven and tested over centuries.



Price: $37

Shifting Vibrations is a novel manifestation program that claims to help its users access the power of manifestation by triggering one’s abundance switch. It claims to increase one’s manifestation capabilities by activating the pineal gland or third eye in one’s brain. 

Shifting Vibrations Reviews: Does It Switches On Your Wealth Abundance?

Such claims made by Shifting Vibrations’s creators will automatically make most individuals intrigued, thereby creating a huge hype. But is Shifting Vibrations genuinely a legitimate manifestation program? To find that, one will have to conduct in-depth research about its specifications.

Hence, in the upcoming sections of this Shifting Vibration review, we will try to verify the authenticity of this manifestation program by inspecting the truth behind every single claim made by its creators. 

Shifting Vibrations Reviews

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About This Item:

Product NameAstral HQ Shifting Vibrations
Program typeAudio Tracks
Creator of the programStef
Product description5000-year-old manifestation technique practiced by ancient Egyptians
Customer Reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐
ComponentsIncludes six different sound vibrations, along with PDF & HD video lessons
Additional FeatureHelps to master lucid dreaming and astral projection
PurposeActivates the interstitium in the body by regulating hydroacoustics
Recommendation Of usePlay the tracks for 5 minutes a day to manifest money
Additional InstructionYou can go to sleep with the tracks playing if you want
Available BonusesFive additional audio tracks with various benefits
Money-back Guarantee60 Days
AvailabilityOfficial website of Shifting Vibrations
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is the Shifting Vibrations?

Shifting Vibrations is a novel manifestation program that claims to help its users access the power of manifestation by triggering one’s abundance switch. Shifting Vibrations’s creators supposedly make use of the secret 5000-year-old manifestation method prevalent in Ancient Egypt to create this manifestation program.

Each package of the program includes six audio tracks. Each of them apparently includes six different sound vibrations that will help in unlocking six different abilities. When used together, these audio tracks will not only help one to manifest, but also presumably improve one’s manifestation capabilities.

In the upcoming sections of this Shifting Vibrations review, we will be examining the authenticity of each of these claims made by Shifting Vibrations’s creators.

Who is the creator of the Shifting Vibrations?

Shifting Vibration was created by an individual named Stef, who like many others was struggling to survive and make ends meet. He was a curious individual who was deeply interested in uncovering secrets. This enthusiasm of him to understand how the world really works led to the formation of Shifting Vibrations.

Throughout his life, Stef tried to find out why some people remained broke even when they toiled day and night, while a selected few continued to grow effortlessly. Apparently this investigation led to the discovery of the foundation of Shifting Vibrations, the 5000-year-old manifestation technique practiced by ancient Egyptians to attract wealth.

What is included in AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations?

The Shifting Vibrations is a manifestation program that comes with six audio tracks which when used together will help one to build their manifestation capabilities. They are:

Track 1: Egyptian Golden Ratio for abundance 432Hz

Egyptian Golden Ratio for abundance 432Hz is an audio track that will help one train their subconscious mind. It will help one in adopting more empowering beliefs, positive thoughts, etc.

Egyptian Golden Ratio for abundance
Track 2: The Abundance Pyramid 432 Hz

The Abundance Pyramid 432 Hz will help one build layers of positive belief. By doing so, this audio track helps one to truly believe the power of manifestation.

The Abundance Pyramid
Track 3: ‘Shaman Beats’ 71-79 Hz Raise Your Vibrations

Shaman Beats’ 71-79 Hz Raise Your Vibrations will help one in polishing their abilities in deep meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and deep intense focus. Modeled on the deep trance state of Shamans and tribesmen, this audio track manages to evoke feelings of inspiration.

Shaman Beats
Track 4: ‘Lucid Oddysee’ 207-215 Hz

Lucid Oddysee’ 207-215 Hz will help one in expanding their ability to conduct lucid dreaming. It also enhances one’s dream vividness and lucidity.

Lucid Oddysee
Track 5: ‘Golden Ratio Experience’ 396hz

Golden Ratio Experience’ 396 Hz tunes into the golden ratio frequency which runs through everything in the universe. Listening to this track will help individuals ground themselves, manifest faster, raise one’s vibrations and grow stronger.

Golden Ratio Experience
Track 6: ‘New Horizons’ Astra; Experience

New Horizons’ Astra; Experience is an audio track designed to help or improve an individual’s ability to deep meditation, astral projection and accessing other dimensions. It activates the pineal gland much faster than other methods.. 

New Horizons

Further, the AstralHQ program also includes a PDF instruction file and an HD video lesson attached to it.

Shifting Vibrations instructions

Shifting Vibrations instructions is a PDF file that contains detailed descriptions like explanations of each track, best times to listen to it, tips to follow to get optimal results etc.

Shifting Vibrations instructions

Video Lesson: A HD video lesson

The HD video lesson added to the Shifting Vibrations manifestation program bundle will explain how the binaural beats work and when one should listen to them.

Screenshot of shifting vibration component

How does Shifting Vibrations work?

Shifting Vibration is a manifestation program that claims to help one achieve manifestation  powers by activating the abundance switch in one’s brain, known as the pineal gland or third eye.

Pineal gland is a small endocrine gland, located behind the thalamus in your brain. Popularly known as the third eye among manifestors, this gland apparently acts as the link between individuals and manifestation abilities.

Shifting Vibrations’s creators apparently unlock the manifestation powers of this gland with the help of a secret Egyptian frequency known as the Golden ratio.

Shifting Vibrations manifestation program

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The Ancient Egyptian civilisation, one of the wealthiest and prosperous civilizations to exist, apparently accumulated their wealth by amplifying their manifestation capabilities by listening to 432 Hz, the golden ratio frequency. According to Shifting Vibrations’s creators, our whole world used to vibrate in this particular golden ratio frequency till 1936. So, the Ancient Egyptians only had to amplify this particular frequency with the help of songs and chants to harness their manifestation capabilities.

But currently the frequency of our world has changed from 432 Hz, the golden ratio frequency, to 440 Hz the money blocking frequency. Apparently, this unpleasant frequency prevents one from accessing their manifestation abilities and will further prevent one from prospering even if they worked really hard.

As this money blocking frequency is being introduced to us in the form of music, movies, radio waves and even internet frequency one will not be able to escape it. So, listening to 432 Hz, the golden ratio frequency is the only way in which one can counter this money blocking effect.

As already mentioned in the Shifting Vibrations review, this program will not only help in overwriting the effects of the 440 HZ, money blocking frequency by balancing one’s vibrations with the 432 Hz, golden ratio frequency. Shifting Vibrations also concentrates on activating one’s third eye to make the manifestations potent.

Benefits of AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations audio tracks

By unlocking one’s manifestation abilities, Shifting Vibrations can supposedly provide multiple benefits to its users. Some of them are:

🌘 Reduces stress

Shifting Vibrations manifestation program will help individuals to engage in deep meditation which will reduce their stress. Further the manifestation power brought about by this program will bring satisfaction, thereby reducing one’s stress

🌘 Increases financial stability

By helping one unlock their manifestation ability the Shifting Vibrations will help one to access wealth and abundance, thereby increasing ones’ financial stability.

🌘 Boosted quality sleep

Several audio tracks included in Shifting Vibrations will evoke deep meditation in individuals. Deep meditation by helping to destress individuals improves their sleep quality.

Pros and Cons of Shifting Vibrations

Let’s go through the pros and cons of AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations audios to form a better perspective about this manifestation program. 


  • You will get lifetime access to these audio tracks with one time purchase,
  • Helps to master lucid dreaming and astral projection.
  • Creators provide a 60 days money back guarantee.
  • Every Shifting Vibrations bundle comes with four bonus tracks.
  • Some of the tracks are layered with subliminal messages.


  • One can purchase the Shifting Vibrations only through its official site.

Is the Shifting Vibrations legit or not?

Shifting Vibrations claims to increase one’s manifestation capabilities by activating the pineal gland or third eye in one’s brain. 

The pineal gland is an actual endocrine gland situated in one’s brain. Medical world has discovered small microscopic crystals of less than 20 microcrome in length inside this gland.  Crystals have been used as a part of manifestation for centuries as it is believed to carry potent energies that will supposedly influence the energy around and within us.

So, that makes the pineal gland, a natural crystal in our body, a bridge that connects us with the divine world of all possibilities. Hence, this manifestation program that claims to harness one’s manifestation powers by activating the powers of this gland does seem legitimate.

Shifting Vibrations working

Shifting Vibrations Customer reviews and complaints

Going through the customer reviews of a product will help one to form a realistic idea about what one can expect from it. So, I went through multiple Shifting Vibrations reviews to understand how its previous customers thought about it.

Most customers of this manifestation program have left positive reviews of Shifting Vibrations. Most of them seem to be satisfied with the results they managed to experience after using it. While a very few did take a while to access their manifestation abilities, no one has left any complaints against the program till date.

Shifting Vibrations Customer reviews

Astral HQ Shifting Vibrations Pricing and availability

To purchase the authentic version of Shifting Vibrations, one will have to visit their official website. As many third party websites have duplicates or replicas of this program, the creators decided to sell them directly to give the customers an opportunity to purchase the authentic version, without any concern.

On the official website, this whole manifestation program is made available to you for $37. According to the information provided by the creators, you can avail lifetime access to this manifestation program, by making this one time payment. Further, the creators also offer their customers a 60-day money-back guarantee policy.

So, even if a customer doesn’t seem to be contended with the results they received from using this manifestation program, they can avail a 100% refund by raising the refund request 60 days from the date of purchase.

Shifting Vibrations Bonuses

The creators offer five tracks originally worth $235, $47 each for free as a bonus along with each bundle of Shifting Vibrations audios. They are:

Stormy escape

Stormy escape is an audio track that will keep one’s brain waves in THETA while they attempt an astral project. Made with ambient pounds, rain noises and relaxing wave sounds, it will also improve one’s sleep quality.

Stormy escape

Theta Brainwaves

Theta Brainwaves is a pure THETA binaural beats track that will help one in astral projection.

Astral Starwaves

Astral Starwaves is an audio track that has special ambient noises which are designed to drift one into an OBE.

Astral Starwaves

Rainy Winter

Rainy Winter is a new soul frequency track that combines ambient music with soft binaural beats.

Rainy Winter

Royal Awakening

Royal Awakening is an audio track that will help one in third eye activation and opening.

Royal Awakening

Final Verdict on Shifting Vibrations reviews

In this Shifting Vibrations review, we have gone through all the details available about this manifestation program. We have also verified all the claims made by Shifting Vibrations’s creators with the help of information available on its official website.

Based on this analysis, the Shifting Vibrations does look like a legitimate manifestation program that can increase one’s manifestation abilities by activating their pineal gland.

As the majority of the Shifting Vibrations reviews have left positive feedback about this digital guide, the program does look effective and reliable. Further, as the creator readily gives a 60-day money-back guarantee for the program, one doesn’t have to face any risk too. So, while one considers all the above stated facts, the Shifting Vibrations do look like a reliable risk-free manifestation program that one can try to unlock their manifestation capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

1. How long should I listen to Shifting Vibrations?

The creators ask the users to listen to the Shifting Vibrations 5 minutes a day in the morning to experience optimal benefits from it.

2. How soon will I receive Shifting Vibrations?

The Shifting Vibrations will be delivered to one’s email almost immediately after placing your order.

3. How should one listen to Shifting Vibration?

It will be ideal to listen to Shifting Vibrations using headphones. But one can also listen to this manifestation program using mobiles, stereos, etc.

4. Can I access Shifting Vibrations from any device?

Shifting Vibrations will be sent to your Gmail ID. So, you are free to access it from any device, anywhere at any time, 

5. Will I have to hand over the audio tracks if I request for a refund?

No. The users are free to keep a copy of Shifting Vibrations, even if they request for a refund.

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