7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Reviews: A Daily Prayer Technique For Wealth!


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7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Reviews

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer is a manifestation program for wealth, centered around the concept of “Codax Sasson” from the old Hebrew Bible, attracting whatever one desires. On reading that, it might feel like the program is similar to any other manifestation technique with exaggerated claims and promises. However, the wealth manifestation principles of this program seem a bit different, seeing how they are explained with actual research results. So, what sets it apart? This 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer review will shed light on that.

The origin story of the program is even more interesting and it was developed from a financial necessity of the creator. After all, necessity is indeed the mother of invention, isn’t it? The decision to sell the program was apparently with the intention of helping out others who face the same plight, who are on the verge of having to see their life and family destroyed due to certain events in their life, all because they couldn’t attract what they wanted. 

The 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer program promises a range of things including abundance mindset development and attractive appearance development. All these benefits offered are to be manifested with the stimulation of a certain kind of brain wave that plays with frequency, taking the vibration of brain signals to a higher level. It is understandable one might not be too fast to trust a program that talks about brain waves and vibrations because almost every other program does it too. But let’s not be too quick to judge.



Price: $39

The 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer program is a wealth manifestation technique designed to help individuals attract wealth and success through a simple, guided 7-second daily prayer. Offering a risk-free trial with a 365-day money-back guarantee, this program aims to transform users’ financial futures with minimal time investment and includes additional bonuses for early action.

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Reviews: Can It Genuinely Improve Your Financial Situation?

This 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer review will try to analyze almost everything concerning the program. It talks about the science behind it, the offered benefits in detail, the drawbacks one should expect if they purchase it, its working mechanism, and so on. There will also be a verdict at the end, suggesting whether or not the program is worth investing in, so to learn all that, keep reading.       

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Review
Program Name7 Seconds Wealth Prayer
PurposeWealth manifestation and personal success
Duration7 seconds a day
Consists OfA guided prayer technique intended to attract wealth and success
Main Benefits▪️ Attracts wealth and abundance
▪️ Boosts physical health
▪️ Improves self-confidence
▪️ Helps make better financial decisions
Customer Reviews⭐⭐⭐⭐
Money-Back Guarantee365-day iron-clad money-back guarantee
Additional Bonuses▪️ The Money Multiplier Handbook
▪️ The Millionaire Mindset Blueprint
▪️ The Quick Cash Generator
Availability7 Seconds Wealth Prayer official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer?

Seven Seconds Wealth Prayer is a program based on the teachings on a missing page, from the ancient Hebrew Bible, called “Codax Sasson”. As the name suggests, it is a prayer in the Hebrew language that attracts everything a person desires including wealth, and takes only seven minutes a day.  

The 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer manifestation program is available in digital format and can be accessed on any electronic device including a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Bible Page that went missing originally cost $38.1 million and was used to be in the hands of a secret group that had certain dark and twisted practices to attract everything they wanted. They used it to satisfy their selfish and evil desires and acquire power. Mike, a friend of the creator of this program John Maxwell acquired this information which he later passed on to John who then decided to spread this manifestation code to anyone in need.

It can be used by anybody regardless of their age or gender. The 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer creator promises the program to bring abundance to a person if recited as recommended. This is a lot to take in, so let’s move on to its working mechanism for now and see whether it can help everyone understand the program better. 

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How Does 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Work?

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer abundance attracting program basically works by activating the theta waves in the brain. Reciting the prayer supposedly evokes a “dream meditative state” where the wave is active and working. It works on a deeper level influencing the neurochemistry of the brain. Theta waves have been found to be associated with cognitive functions and hormone production in various studies conducted in prestigious institutions and that forms the basis of this program.  

Theta waves get it all done by taking the brain signals to a higher vibration. Once the frequency of these vibrations starts to resonate with the frequency of the things someone needs, be it wealth or anything else, it will start attracting those things into their life. As per the creator of the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer technique, this is the reason why the brain signals of rich people vibrate at a higher frequency in comparison to the common mass. 

As for the Bible part, the customer does not necessarily need to be a believer in God for the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer program to work. However, if one is familiar with the Holy Book, it is easy to spot verses that hint about the manifestation power of these words and phrases mentioned randomly.  Whether or not an individual is a follower of His teachings, these chantings and their effects are scientifically founded and can work for anyone regardless of other factors. 

Benefits And Key Factors Of 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Program

The program claims to benefit the practitioners in different ways. Some of the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer benefits are listed here, so take a look. 

☑️Attracts wealth: Although the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer can attract whatever a person desires, the primary objective of the program is to help people in need attract wealth. It will create a flow of money toward the user from different sources, some of which could be unexpected and without any extra effort.

☑️Influences health: Health is a factor that is as important as wealth. So, if the person desires good health, they will receive that as well. Health does not only mean physical health but mental as well. Since the theta waves can control hormones, they will stimulate the production of happy hormones, alleviating anxiety and depression. 

☑️Enhanced cognitive functions: Theta waves will also have an impact on brain functions. When the waves are activated through the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer program, they will take these functions to their maximum potential and the individual will be able to make better financial decisions based on logical thinking and calculation.

☑️Boosts confidence: An abundance of health, wealth, and intelligence will make a person more confident than ever. Also, it works both ways. As much as the rest of the factors influence confidence, confidence affects those factors, increasing the flow of money and all kinds of wealth to one’s life.

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How To Use 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer?

The 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer technique is pretty easy to follow. It is implied in the title that the routine only takes seven seconds a day, which is very little time that someone needs to invest in something that is going to benefit them the most. It is recommended that the user recite the prayer in the morning right out of bed rather than any other time.

The individual can take out the device they would like to access the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer, place the prayer in front, and chant it only for seven seconds. It doesn’t require any other rituals or devices, and abundance will follow in no time.  

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Price And Availability

The program was originally priced at 420 USD. According to the creator, it is worth even more and he even states that some people have suggested that he charge $5000 for it considering the value of the original Bible page and the wealth it would bring the customer. Either way, the current price is $39 and one can purchase the program at this price on the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer official website.

Once the customer adds it to the cart, they will be asked to fill in a few basic details and proceed with the payment process. Right after completing that step, the customer will be given access to the entire 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer manifestation program that they can access at any time and for as long as they need.

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Are There Any 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Side Effects Reported?

There is nothing a seven-second prayer can do to harm someone’s health or wealth, and none have been reported by any user who has followed it for months. The worst that could happen is that the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer program does not work for someone and they lose the money they spent on it. With a 365-day money-back policy, even that is impossible.

So, as per the data gathered and 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer customer reviews, if a person wishes, he or she can go forward with the purchase without worrying about any side effects. 

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Customer Reviews

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer reviews are crazy interesting. There are instances of this program bringing unexpected wealth, healing overall illnesses that were under treatment for a long time, and much more. The one thing that is obvious from those reviews is that all of them chanted the prayer every morning without making excuses. So, consistency really is the key. 

For some people, being believers, it was a godsend. For others, it was a miracle of science that should have been discovered a little earlier. Either way, they are happy with the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer results they have received and recommend this to their close ones hoping to help them recover from financial crises. 

Unfortunately for some people, the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer online program didn’t bring any change. It benefited them neither in terms of health nor wealth, even after being a consistent user for quite some time. However, they have found the customer service satisfactory while claiming their refunds.  

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Bonuses And Refund Policy

Every 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer purchase comes with three additional bonuses that complement the prayer.

7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Bonuses

The Money Multiplier Handbook: The handbook includes the well-known businessman and investor Warren Buffet’s strategies on investment. It will teach the user how to invest the wealth a person attracts with the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer. 

The Millionaire Mindset Blueprint: This book is written after interviewing a bunch of millionaires and understanding their psychology. The customer will learn a lot of things about how their mind works to attract abundance. 

The Quick Cash Generator: This bonus enhances the effects of the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer technique by tapping into the theta wave even deeper. One will receive quick cash in times of need and with no effort.  

The 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer program has one of the best return & refund policies with a 100% money-back guarantee for 365 days. With this year-round money-back policy, an individual will be able to try the program to see if it really works for them, and if it doesn’t, at least they will be able to save the money they spend on the purchase. 

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Pros And Cons Of 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer

So, if one purchases the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer manifestation program, they either become rich or don’t. Is that how it works? Does it pose any risks like the customer losing money? Let’s see if it possesses any flaws.  


  • It takes very little time and effort.
  • 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer can be accessed on any device.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Backed with scientific proof
  • Year-round money-back guarantee
  • Does not have any hidden charges


  • Saying the program probably won’t be online for long drives to a hasty purchase decision.
  • It might not work for everyone the same way or within the same time frame.

Final Verdict And Recommendations: 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer Reviews

Now let’s take a recap of what is explained in this 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer review. It is literally a prayer that anyone can recite, whether or not that person is a believer, and reap benefits. It is in Hebrew language and the customer will get a readable version in digital format on any electronic device of their preference once they purchase it. The program promises abundant health, wealth, confidence, and everything a person wishes to make their life easier if followed as recommended. 

The 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer digital program works by activating the theta waves in a person’s brain, taking it to a higher level, and matching it with the frequency of the things they wish to attract. Since the prayer pokes the brain waves, it will also have a direct impact on the brain chemistry, turning everything, including the emotions and mental state, in the user’s favor.

The program doesn’t cost much, is available on any device of choice, and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. There is also an attractive, year-round money-back policy, assuring the safety of money the customer invests in the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer program. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?  

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1. How much time does it actually take to get rich with 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer?

The money-back policy for the program is 365 days. It indicates that a person can get rich anytime within this period, be it a month or 364 days.

2. Does it treat diseases without medication?

Nobody should take that risk with their health. The 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer program will accelerate the rate at which a person is healing, but it is always recommended to take medical consultation first and foremost.

3. Will I get rich overnight through the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer technique?

Although the chances of that are low, nobody can say that won’t happen for sure. Since neither the customer nor the creator can predict the sources from which wealth will be flowing, a person should be prepared for anything, even if it is getting rich overnight.

4. How do I know my theta waves are activated?

When theta waves are activated, they won’t just attract wealth, but will also influence the person’s mental and physical health. Since they change the brain chemistry, a user might experience a shift in their energy levels, mood, or intelligence.

5. What if the 7 Seconds Wealth Prayer abundance mindset program doesn’t bring me wealth?

If it didn’t work even within a year, the customer can apply for a refund within this period and they will be refunded in full, no questions asked. 

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