What Are Theta Brain Waves Used For? The Science Behind It!

Written by Maria Johnson

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Theta Brain Waves usage

Brainwaves are defined as electrical impulses produced by brain cells. Based on the range of frequencies in which these patterns occur, scientists may categorise various forms of brainwaves.

Various emotional states are linked to distinct brainwave frequencies. Mainly, theta brainwaves are linked to creativity, intuition and memory. They are frequently most prominent right before bed when the mind is at ease and drifting. Even while you’re asleep, your brain is never fully asleep.

Your brain constantly generates electrical impulses, which may be broadly categorised into five groups. These groups can, of course be further subdivided into Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta and Gamma brainwaves.

Theta Brainwaves

Theta brainwaves are present throughout life, although they are more noticeable during childhood. As we age, theta waves are replaced by alpha and beta brainwaves. Even so, theta waves are most commonly felt during extreme relaxation, creativity, or daydreaming.

Theta Brainwaves

Numerous mood states, including the flow state- which is characterised by being fully engrossed in an activity to the point where everything else seems to disappear from conscious awareness-have been linked to theta brainwaves.

Additionally, dreaming creativity and intuitive insights are associated with theta brainwaves. The frequency of theta brainwaves ranges from 3.5 to 6.75 Hz.

Normally, this condition is limited to deep meditation or sleep. An individual is deeply relaxed while they are in the theta state.

Theta State

We often encounter the theta state when we are at a very profound level of medication. We can arrive at some of the most profound and in-depth revelations in this condition. It is said that theta brain waves become stronger with meditation, prayer, yoga and self awareness. Additional correlations with the theta brainwave state are shown below:

  • Intuition

Empathy is also connected to the theta state. This is due to the fact that we are more receptive to other people’s emotions while we are in the theta brainwave state. We can  empathise with them and understand their perspective.

This has the potential to be a highly effective tool for establishing deeper connections with people. The theta brainwave state is open to new concepts and ideas. We can access our memory, knowledge and experience through the theta waves enabling us to get in touch with intuition.

  • Creativity

We can also access our creative side when we’re in the theta condition. This is a result of the extremely relaxed theta brainwave state. Our imaginations are at ease to flow when we are in this condition. When we engage in creative or musical endeavours, which serve to calm the mind and centre us in the here and now, we might enter this condition.

All of our memories, experiences and information are stored in this area of the mind. We are better able to reach this area of the mind and connect with our intuition.

  • Asleep and Dreaming

The sensation of dreaming and falling asleep is linked to the theta state. This is because our conscious awareness begins to diminish and we become more at ease while we are in the theta brainwave state. Theta brain waves are related to the subconscious mind.

Theta brain waves are produced when a person falls asleep or dreaming. According to science the brain wave can also occur when a person is awake but in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind. 

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  • During the Day

We are also able to enter the theta state throughout the day. This occurs in extremely relaxed states, such as those experienced during meditation or daydreaming. Our creativity and ideas might run wild while we are in the theta state.

When engaging in any kind of mindfulness activity, such as yoga and meditation, we can attain this state. When we are in the flow state, we may also reach the theta state. In this moment, everything just fades away as we give our full attention to the subject at hand.

Because all of our attention focuses here and now, we may produce some of our greatest work while we are in the flow state. 

  • Variations in Theta Wave Activity

Memory loss, difficulty concentrating and difficulty sleeping may result from abnormal theta brainwave activity. Additionally, it is linked to mood disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and sadness. Theta brain waves are faster than the delta brain waves but slower compared to the alpha, beta and gamma brainwaves. 


All the brain waves are essential for the normal functioning of your health and wellbeing. Theta brain waves are involved in normal human experience. These relate to empathy, creativity, intuition, and the flow state. If they persist over extended periods of time or while feeling very strong emotions, they could also be linked to improper behaviour.

Exercise as a means of achieving your mental wellness can be an  objective for a healthy lifestyle. Brain exercises are proven ways to enhance the functioning of the brain waves.  Scientists are still exploring the various activities and contributions of brain waves in the functioning of human beings.

Perhaps one day, we will discover more about the brainwave activities and it will help improve our knowledge and abilities. 

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