7 Powerful Ways To Establish A Connection With Your Guardian Angels

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Connecting Guardian Angels

Perception of the angels’ role is frequently skewed. Many of you believe they are good creatures that exist to benefit you. This is not their main function, despite popular belief. Above all, guardian angels support you during times of spiritual need. God is with you via the angel, who takes part in our challenge to support you in our mission.

How Do I Connect To My Guardian Angel?

There are many challenges and risks in life, both monetary and spiritual. That’s why our divine Creator has sent an angel to keep an eye on every one of us. While we frequently read about how guardian angels interact with us, we don’t always hear about how we might contact them.

7 Powerful Ways To Establish A Connection With Your Guardian Angels

These are even effective methods for speaking out about your guardian angel;

Meditate by candle light 

  • Light a white candle before a mirror to set the mode for your spiritual experience 
  • It’s interesting how the gentle light from the candles produces a calm atmosphere. Make sure to look directly at yourself in the mirror. 
  • Feel the presence  of your Guardian Angel by your side as you perform this 
  • Additionally, while doing this meditation, maintain an open mind and be open to any images, feelings or insights that arise.

Apply mirror scrying techniques

  • Additionally make sure you sit comfortably in front of the mirror and turn down the lights in the room. While you calm your thoughts, fix your attention on your reflection 
  • Release conscious expectations and ideas while doing this let your Guardian Angel and your thoughts become open and receptive.
  • It’s possible that you will start to notice minute details in the mirror including light shifts or the appearance of symbols. These might also be signs that your guardian angel is around you.

Conduct the Intention and Affirmation Ritual 

  • Take a few deep breaths to focus yourself while standing in front of a mirror.
  • Moreover, gaze into the mirror when you utter these affirmations to yourself. Feel that the words you are speaking are true and they have good intentions.
  • Remarkably, these techniques can provide a friendly environment where your Guardian Angel might manifest.

Utilise Crystals for Mirror Rituals 

  • In front of the mirror, place a crystal with spiritual qualities, such as a test or pure quartz
  • Curiously crystals are thought to heighten, spiritual experience and magnify energy. Additionally when you perform this process,  sit comfortably and look in the mirror
  • Pay attention to the stone’s energy and how it relates to your Guardian Angel while you work
  •  Give the heavenly presence a channel through the crystal to create a stronger bond 

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Get ready for a assisted visualisation experience

  • Sit in a peaceful area before a mirror and prepare for a guided visualisation session
  •  To de-stress, close your eyes and inhale deeply many times.  Additionally,  picture yourself in a tranquil and lovely setting, like a garden or a quiet beach.
  • Encourage your guardian angel to join you in this visualisation. Let the scene play out in your thoughts, and believe in any feelings or realisations that come to you while you visualise it.

Perform Mirror Writing

  • Place a notebook and pen in front of a mirror and look into it. Make sure your mind is open and responsive during the process
  • Write any thoughts or insights that occur to you by letting your hand roam freely across the page
  • You can pen significant words, phrases, or even symbols. Think of these text as communications from your angel of protection

Practice Morning Mirror Connection

  • Get out of bed and face the mirror to start your day expressing your thanks for the coming day and making good wishes
  • Ask your guardian angel to accompany you on your everyday trip as you gaze in the mirror
  • Imagine them walking with you all day,  guarding and guiding you.  Additionally, by engaging in this exercise,  your relationship with your heavenly guid  is established with constancy.


In conclusion,  having a personal and deep conversation with your guardian angel via the mirror is a wonderful experience.

Also, you might better comprehend your heavenly guide by experimenting with these techniques.  mirror scrying, candlelit meditations,  affirmations- each method provides a different means of connecting with the spiritual world. 

In addition,  keep in mind that your guardian angel  is always by your side,  and these exercises can work as potent reminders of their support. 

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