How To Make A Vision Board To Manifest Your Goals?

Written by Maria Johnson

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Vision Board To Manifest Your Goals

Do you find it too hard to focus on your goals? If the answer is yes, you might be quite skeptical about fulfilling your dreams and aspirations. No worries. The best solution for your current problem would be a vision board.

A visual representation of what you want to achieve in your lives, a vision board will be displayed in a prominent location. This will constantly remind you of all your aspirations and motivate you to work hard towards achieving them. In this article, we introduce you to how to make a vision board to manifest your goals.

How to make a vision board?

There are two ways of making a vision board. Either you can create a physical, tangible vision board using foam or a poster board. On the other hand, if you are a tech-savvy person, you can make a digital vision board using an app or graphic design platform such as Canva. It purely depends on your choice whether to go for a physical or a digital one.

Step-by-step Procedure To Make A Physical Vision Board

Procedure To Make A Physical Vision Board

1. Find images that inspire you

Start by collecting all those images that inspire you. Check in Pinterest or Google for the symbolic pictures and take a printout. If you belong to the old-school, cut the appropriate images from any magazines. Keep in mind that the most important part is to choose the ideal images that inspire you and represent those things that you want to manifest in your life. It may be a swanky house, your dream car or a cushy job.

2. Add short-term and long-term goals

The next step is to add your short-term or long-term goals to the vision board. It can be either one of them or a mix of both. You might feel that achieving those long-term goals is out of reach right now. However, there lies enormous power in seeing those images and putting all your focus on acheiving them.

3. Include motivating words and phrases

Do you have any favourite quotes, taglines or phases that you find really inspirational? There is no better place than a vision board to post them. Everytime you see those quotes, the urge to achieve your dreams becomes more stronger.

4. Collate it all

Now, you are nearing towards the completion of your vision board. It’s time to paste all the images onto the board. Either you can keep it minimal with a few dreamy images or make it flashy with stickers and glitter. It all depends on your choice.

How to manifest your goals with the vision board?

Now your vision board is ready. Let’s check how you can manifest your goals with that board.

🌘Look at the vision board daily

Make your dreams come true by looking at the vision board daily. If you are using a digital vision board, save it on your phone or desktop’s wallpaper so that it grabs your attention often. On the other hand, if it’s a physical one, place it somewhere that is directly viewable form your bed. The reason is that it makes more influence when you see it just before falling asleep.

🌘 Act to realise your dreams

Making a vision board is just half the job done. The next and the most important part is to take action towards making your dreams a reality. For eg. if you want to build your dream home, you have to get in touch with an architect, raise the required finance etc. Thus, a vision board can only motivate you towards your dreams and the rest depends on the effort you put in.

🌘 Dont’ let deadlines bog you down

Never make the mistake of worrying about when things will happen. It is more important to trust the process of believing in the dreams you have jotted down on the vision board. To keep it simple, trust the process as there is a lot of fun in it.

🌘 Experience the joy

Looking at a vision board is more about experiencing the joy and envisioning your dreams. As you know, when it comes to vision boards, you cannot do it wrong. It is equally important that you take a look at the vision board daily.


It is a common practice for us to make new year resolutions. However, most of them end up remaining just unfulfilled dreams. That’s where a vision board comes into the picture. Hope you enjoyed reading the process of how to make a vision board and also the techniques to manifest your goals.

Make a vision board today itself and consider it as a great beginning. All you have to do is to strive towards achieving your dreams.

No power in this world can stop you from achieving them if you really work hard. 

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