Maria Johnson

As an avid astro speaker, I delve into celestial mysteries, decoding cosmic influences to empower others. Whether on stage or in coaching sessions, I blend knowledge and passion to inspire and guide individuals toward a harmonious life aligned with the stars

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Reasons You're Attracting Narcissists

Why Do You Attract Narcissists? Understand The Psychology Behind It!

Do you find yourself repeatedly attracting narcissists? This is not mere coincidence or bad luck. Certain traits and situations make ...

12 12 Angel Number Meaning

12 12 Angel Number Meaning: Unraveling The Secrets

Angel number readings are designed to give direction rather than being positive or negative. There are beliefs linked with sequences ...

Visualizing Better For Manifestation

How Can I Visualize Better For Manifestation? Techniques Involved!

Visualisation is the process of closing your eyes and forming optimistic mental pictures of your life once a certain goal ...

Money Meditation

Money Meditation: How To Correct Your Brain For Wealth?

These days, meditation is not limited to New Age devotees or Yogis on mountain peaks. It has a long history ...

The Ultimate Guide On What Triggers Lucid Dreams

The Ultimate Guide On What Triggers Lucid Dreams!

A person who is having lucid dreams is conscious that they are dreaming yet refuses to wake up. Certain individuals ...

Spiritual Meaning Of All Colors

Spiritual Meaning Of All Colors: What Does They Mean?

Colours may have a significant impact on our mood and energy, and every shade possesses a unique spiritual force. So, ...

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers? Here’s Why And What They Mean

It could be  more than just a coincidence if you observe the same number or sequence of numbers again. Patterns ...

Working of chakra affirmations

Do Chakra Affirmations Work? What We Learned!

Chakra affirmations are a helpful and traditional technique for mind-body connection and mediation. Sanskrit “chakra” translates to disk. There are ...

Cosmic Grounding Code Reviews

Cosmic Grounding Code Reviews – Spiritual Money Manifestation Coaching That Works?

Hello There, This Cosmic Grounding Code review will be looking deeper into this manifestation program and see what it has ...


The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening: A Closer Look!

Awakening spirituality is named Avidya (Sanskrit for incorrect understanding), which signifies the lifting of the curtain of ignorance. You remain ...

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