Maria Johnson

As an avid astro speaker, I delve into celestial mysteries, decoding cosmic influences to empower others. Whether on stage or in coaching sessions, I blend knowledge and passion to inspire and guide individuals toward a harmonious life aligned with the stars

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Reiki Energy Bracelet Reviews

Reiki Energy Bracelet Reviews: A Perfect Accessory For Protection And Healing!

Reiki: does that word sound familiar and strange at the same time? What is it? What is a Reiki Energy ...

12 12 Angel Number Meaning

12 12 Angel Number Meaning: Unraveling The Real Secrets

Angel number readings are designed to give direction rather than being positive or negative. There are beliefs linked with sequences ...

Crow Symbolising meaning

What Does It Mean When You See Crows? The Surprising Spiritual Messages!

Crows or ravens are the most common birds found around the world. The black coloured bird is common; however, it ...

Best Frequency For Attracting Money

What Is The Best Frequency For Attracting Money? Find Yours!!

Millions of people are beginning to investigate the idea of the frequency of money, particularly in the context of plenty ...

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers

Why Do I Keep Seeing Angel Numbers? Here’s Why And What They Mean

It could be  more than just a coincidence if you observe the same number or sequence of numbers again. Patterns ...

7 Signs A Winning Lottery Is Waiting For You

Feeling Lucky? Signs You’re Going To Win The Lottery! 2024

Lotteries are all about luck and fortune; there may be some techniques and tricks involved, but 80 to 90 percent ...

Cosmic Grounding Code Reviews

Cosmic Grounding Code Reviews – Spiritual Money Manifestation Coaching That Works?

Hello There, This Cosmic Grounding Code review will be looking deeper into this manifestation program and see what it has ...

Meanings of finding soulmate moon phase

How Do I Find My Soulmate Moon Phase & Their Meanings?

According to science, moonlight is essentially the reflection of sunshine. The moon’s phase varies as per the position of the ...

self love methods

5 Transformative Self-love Rituals And Practices

Self love is not always easy to achieve. We abundantly love overselve when life is wonderful. However, we are frequently ...


The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening: A Closer Look!

Awakening spirituality is named Avidya (Sanskrit for incorrect understanding), which signifies the lifting of the curtain of ignorance. You remain ...

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