What Is My Guardian Angel Trying To Tell Me? 8 Signs Explained!

Written by Maria Johnson

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Who doesn’t love angels? Everybody would love to have an angel guarding them from all the negative aspects of life. It is true that angels do guard their favourite humans, but you need a sense of intuition to understand them. 

Angels can occasionally be difficult to perceive and identify with their signs and signals. The battle of daily life often makes it hard for humans to see them.


🕊️ Angels hope to assist you with that, which is why they frequently deliver the same message several times. Angel frequently communicates with you subtly, through little objects that we come across in life.

How Do I Find Out My Personal Guardian Angel?

It is most likely a sign – a signal. Thus, be mindful that the angel communicates with you in a variety of ways. They can use any kind of signals listed below. Check them to understand the message your guardian angel is trying to convey;

8 Signs that Guardian Angel Trying To Tell Me

🕊️ Feather on your path

It is well known that angels have feathers. The arrival of spring can signify several things. It can indicate that the angel would like to communicate with you or assure you of their presence.

You may communicate with your guardian angel to let them know you are loved and that they are keeping an eye on you. Your angel’s feather can potentially try to convey a different message to you. You might have an instinctive sense of this, but your mind frequently blocks off this sensation before it has a chance to surface.

🕊️ Human Messengers

Angels may also communicate with you via human messengers. These are frequently people we barely know or don’t know at all, although occasionally we even know them through acquaintances.

They usually offer you something that you will never speak about again once you fully expect them to say something completely appropriate at that particular period in your life. They just deliver the message to you, unexpectedly.

🕊️ Numbers 

Does your alarm clock always show the same time when you wake up in the middle of the night? Alternatively, you could see the time, such as 12:12 or 21:21, each time you glance at your phone. If these numbers keep coming up for you, it means that something is being sent to you by your guardian angel. This is a pure indication from angels. Look out for patterns in numbers. 

🕊️ Clouds

Clouds are another way that angels may communicate with humanity. Through clouds that take the shape of an angel or anything significant to you. Not to mention the sun’s beam that is full of warmth and light, a lovely beam of light shining directly at a location that holds special value for you may also be an indication that your guardian angel is somewhere near. Check out the patterns in the sky, angels are believed to belong among the clouds.

🕊️ Words of affirmation

You’ve undoubtedly experienced it happen before- after a long day of driving or traveling, you might have seen a word or statement written somewhere. As you read it, you can feel the energy rushing through your body and immediately filled with strength and boldness.

Angels are peculiar and surprising entities that might provide you with knowledge in several ways. So anything you read a statement or word that strikes you at that precise moment, give thanks to your angel for sending their love!

🕊️ Dreams

Dreams are the path to another dimension or world that appears to be real. If we are unaware of the patterns around us, angels can get to us faster when we are asleep. It is believed that angels communicate to us through our dreams. They can warn you and inform you through dreams. Look out for the dreams and try to recollect them in the morning.

🕊️ Recognize the intuition 

When your guardian angel guides you, it is usually a very clear message. Take it from your feelings if you feel something immediately, consider the feeling and emotion. Although it might be hard to explain, you just get a gut feeling about when intuition is present.

Unlike during the day, you have a stronger connection with your heart and angel when you wake up. Thus have faith in your instinct and in yourself.

🕊️ Inspiration

Thank your guardian angel if you suddenly find confidence or inspiration for anything you are doing or want to accomplish! This frequently occurs when we briefly let go of something and forget about it.

Your guardian angel is to support and mentor you throughout your life. They accomplish this by giving you inspiration or bravery. You can sense it as the energy starts to flow once more.


Your guardian angel is aware of your life journey and the lessons you have learned thus far in this world. Seize the opportunity to absorb inspiration from above with both hands, feeling a sense of gratitude. Angels are glad to assist you, it is up to you to accept and utilize their assistance!

Start now and keep trying even if it doesn’t work out immediately.

Trust the angel surrounding you and yourself. And never forget that your angels will often send forth signs until you grasp them. For their magic to work, you first need to believe in them.

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