How To Connect With Your Ex Spiritually? Discover Powerful Steps!

Written by Maria Johnson

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Exploring Spiritual Reconnection with Your Ex

Intention is the key if you want to bring your ex back into your life. Since you sincerely love your ex, you see that there is goodness in them and that the split might have been prevented.

If you are thinking of what has to be done to turn around things in your favour, it means you still have feelings for them. This implies that you shouldn’t take revenge and it’s advisable to refrain from the actions that might hurt them. You could easily handle the situation spiritually.

Spiritual Steps To Connect With Your Ex Again

Check out the ways in which you can connect with your ex spiritually;

Spiritual Steps To Connect With Your Ex Again

Visualise yourself together with them again

Whenever possible, try to imagine yourself spending time with your ex-partner. Think about their appearance, name and the activities that you have done together. Once you have a good mental picture of how you felt in those circumstances, think about the present.

Those who use visualisation techniques sometimes find that they attract not just their dreams but also their ex-partner.

Get Help

You may get a decent notion of how to get your ex back permanently by looking at the spiritual method listed above and below. But talking to a genuine love advisor is a certain way to find out for sure. But be aware of how crucial it is to avoid people with negative contributions. Nothing harmful can fix the relationship.

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Repeat Positive Affirmations

Letting go of your bitterness and hopelessness might help your ex come back to you spiritually. You may help yourself achieve this by repeating positive affirmations everyday. You will attract your ex if you keep saying these positive and empowering things.

Reminding yourself of positive affirmations can help you believe in the spiritual process more and more. The likelihood that you will get once the universe knows you might need and want increases with your level of confidence in the process.

Forget the past

You have to make accommodations in your life for your ex-partner to come back. Instead of bringing up regrets and painful memories from the past, you should greet them with enthusiasm and compassion. It’s crucial that you accept what previously occurred for this reason. Playing the blame game or harbouring resentment is pointless. You are projecting negativity with this energy. Stay positive.

Live in the Present

Delaying your happiness while you wait for your ex-partner to come back is all you’re doing. That is not necessary to be the case. Rather, you may achieve happiness more quickly by engaging in mindfulness and present moment awareness practices. There were regrets and unhappiness in the past, and uncertainty and panic, but never drag it to your future.

However, when returning to the present, you may experience a happiness that is unattainable while wandering in any direction. You’ll start to feel better all over. This is why your ex will want you back.

Meditate on the thought

Maintaining your equilibrium and positivity will help you get your ex back. Meditating is an easy and efficient way to calm down. Allow your thoughts and spirits to roam freely within you. Sit still, concentrate on your breathing, and mentally go over your whole body. You’ll eventually discover the tranquillity and optimism required to get your ex-back.

Forgive Yourself

Past events are past and cannot be changed. You might spend your days blaming them for the breakup or criticising yourself for possibly not being a worthy enough companion. Develop an attitude of gratitude for the little things in your current life. It will communicate a good message to the cosmos. The cosmos may then compensate you for its positive vibrations. Making a gratitude notebook is one way to start practising thankfulness.

But individuals tend to take ordinary events for granted far too often. We take for granted the blessings of life, health and the company of loved ones. Recognizing that blaming others for your problems won’t help you move on in life. Learning to forgive is one of the hardest things you can do to get your ex back. Excuse them, excuse yourself.

Stop Trying to Contact them

Setting boundaries for yourself allows you to give yourself the space you need to look inward and reflect on yourself. This is the time to find yourself and get to know yourself again. Though it’s natural to feel bitter about the relationship and angry at them, doing so will only make matters worse.

Instead of sending the positive energy you need to form another relationship with them, begging or even guilt-tripping them back into it won’t help.

Be Grateful

Develop an attitude of gratitude for the little things in your current life. It will communicate a good message to the cosmos. The cosmos may then compensate you for its positive vibrations. But individuals tend to take ordinary events for granted too often. We take for granted the blessings of life, health and the company of loved ones.


The things that you can do are limited. The universe will ultimately decide whether or not you were meant to be together. If and when they come back, your ex-partner will see you as a better version of yourself and as a whole new person.

Try your best not to be offensive. Even though you might want your ex back, the universe may have other plans for you. Trust the process!

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