How To Manifest Someone To Text You? Ready to Receive?

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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How To Manifest Someone To Text You

Manifestation has become one of the most practised and proven methods these days, when you badly want someone or something in particular, regardless of it being materialistic or non-materialistic. The power of manifestation is so high that you would be able to receive the same words that you have been expecting from the opposite side. It also does not matter, if the text should come from a professional or non-professional end. You can still do the same.

Manifesting Communication: Inviting a Text from Someone!

This article is about the manifestation tricks and tips that you can make use of if you are someone suffering from the frustration of waiting for that text from that one person. 

Inviting a Text from Someone

Ask yourself what you want

Asking yourself this question is capable enough to help you relieve the stress and anxiety that you have been suffering from not receiving texts from him or her. Having clarity in your desire is quite important if you really want to make it happen.

If you need more specifications regarding this clarity, here you go. Ask yourself who you need to text you. Also, ask about the reason behind this desire. Asking what you want to hear from them would also be an immense help for the universe to get it to you without much hassle. 

Draft your desire 

Now, you have got a clear idea regarding what you want in your mind. But, that is not enough when it comes to a powerful manifestation. You need to write the desire specifically on paper or on a screen apart from just keeping it in your mind.

You may write the message just like you want them to write for you. You may also add the time, the receiver, and the sender to be more precise and clear about it. 

Practice the powerful 369 method 

This method is again about writing. But in this case, it is all about repetitions. It is quite common that we may forget about our desires during our busy schedules during the day. That is why this method asks you to write about your desire 3 times right after you wake up from sleep.

Make sure you also make a dedicated time slot in the evening just to write about the text from the person, but this time increase the repetitions to six. Similarly, you also need to write about the desire 9 times, right before you hit the bed. 

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Texting yourself 

Even if this method sounds quite funny, trust the process, it has always proven to work for many. In this technique, you are advised to save your own phone number with the name of the person you are expecting a text from.

The next step is to send yourself the text that you have been wishing for. So, when you receive this message with their name as the sender, you will be able to experience joy and feel a kind of satisfaction. This would help the universe understand and identify your wishes and make them happen for real. 

Visualise the moment of receiving the text internally

It is really important for you to acquire the power and potential to visualise the moment of receiving the text that you badly want from that particular person. In order to manifest this, you are advised to close your eyes, take a few mindful breaths, and visualize the moment when they are sending you the text, you receive the notification on your phone, open and read the message, and finally thank the universe for making it happen with a priceless smile of gratitude. 

If you want it, whisper it 

This may also work wonderfully if you can do it with full concentration and focus. Even if it is a different method, it can be considered something in close relationship with the method of internal visualisation. This method should be practised right after you wake up. Imagine, the person you want to text you is lying next to you in bed with an intense desire to text you.

So try giving them an external push by whispering “You are going to text me” or something similar to it. This method of manifestation would also help in strengthening those invisible spiritual ties with that person. 

The magical pillow 

All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and your pillow to get this manifestation technique to work. However, this should be practised only when you do not need the text immediately since this works slowly and steadily. According to this technique, you should write your desire on a piece of paper, look at it and meditate by looking into it for a couple of minutes.

After meditating, keep this piece of paper under your pillow, your dreams will work on the dreams written by you and eventually, you will receive the text for sure. 

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The magical pillow 

Ditch your insecurities 

Contemplating on the insecurities while manifesting for the best is never a good idea. Hence make sure you are ditching all your disbeliefs and fear regarding your dream of getting texted by that person. Having a refreshed mind with no such negative thoughts would also help in decreasing the distance between you and that long-awaited text. 

Final Thoughts

Now, that you have got some of the most powerful techniques and tips that you would be able to use if you are planning to manifest a text from that one person. Make sure you keep a positive mindset and retain a strong sense of faith while you practice these tips. 

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