What Is Whisper Method And How Does It Work?

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Whisper Method techniques

Manifestation has become the New Age trend these days – and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want to manifest their dream job, ideal life partner, or a house they have always wanted?

In recent times, the power of manifestation has caught the attention of many people who want to fulfill their desires. One such way you can manifest anything is the viral ‘Whisper Method.’

In this article, we will delve into the power of this manifestation technique and tell you how it works. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

All About Whisper Method

The concept of the Whisper Method works on the premise that through the power of manifestation, you can get anybody’s attention. Yes, you heard it right! For instance, by using this powerful method, you can prompt someone you’re thinking of to contact you. This method is generally used to improve your relationships with your specific person. 

All About Whisper Method

Sounds interesting, right?

How does the whisper method work?

To practice the whisper method, you need to strongly visualize the person you desire, set your desire, and imagine whispering that desire to that person. This is said to create a subconscious connection with your specific person and can influence his thoughts or actions. 

Below, we have mentioned the steps in detail so that you can easily manifest your desires without any hurdles:

Step 1: Focus on your desire

The first step is to focus on what you want. If you are clear about your desires, it gives your subconscious mind a hint and helps manifest things effortlessly. Also, decide the person you want to express your feelings to. 

Step 2: Visualize

Once you have set your desire, it’s time to visualize. You do this by closing your eyes and getting into a meditative state. Imagine your specific person at a specific location you want them to be. Visualize walking up to them as a ghost or spirit. 

Step 3: Whisper

Once you have a clear picture in your head, whisper your desire into their ears. You need to whisper your desire three times. For instance, if you are manifesting a text from your specific person, whisper ‘’text Jamie, text Jamie, text Jamie.’’ 

Step 4: Feel the desire coming true

Picture yourself walking out of the room, believing wholeheartedly that the person will contact you again. You need to believe the desire has already come true. Living in this feeling will help trick the subconscious brain into thinking it is true and raise your vibrations, too. 

Step 5: Let go

Now that you have visualized and whispered your desires, it’s time to let go. Yes, now you don’t have to desperately think about when your dreams will come true. Just let it go and involve yourself in other activities to keep yourself distracted. 

If you keep thinking about it, you will lower your vibrations, and it may take time to get your desires fulfilled. 

Expert tips for successful manifestation

When starting this manifestation technique, it’s crucial to visualize the end result before you even start this method. You shouldn’t be in a state of mind where you display neediness. Or else this won’t work. 

Slow and controlled breathing can also enhance your experience. It’s important to remove all the clutter from your mind and remove negative thoughts. When you take deep breaths, you can reach a mental state where your brain can receive any affirmations you want to tell yourself. Make sure they are positive affirmations.

And once you are done, don’t think how it will happen and when it will happen. Leave it to the universe and go about your day. By doing this, you are showing your faith in the universe that what you manifested will happen. 

But does this Whisper Method actually work?

Well, it depends. The key to successful manifestation lies not just in visualizing and voicing but also in matching the energetic frequency of those desires and aspirations

When your internal state doesn’t resonate with the energy of your desired outcome, it could be difficult to achieve your manifestation. So, it’s vital to stay in a positive state of mind and raise your vibrations if you want your specific person to get in contact with you. Also, if you are waiting for a job call, that too, is possible with this technique.

Wrapping Up!

Well, this was all about the Whisper Method. We have explained the steps so that you can easily get the dream life you want. If you want your ex back or waiting for a promotion call, this method is a must try.

You may struggle initially, but once you get hold of the method, things will become easier for you. Also, make sure you are relaxed and eliminate negative thinking before getting started with this method.

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