Creative Practices For Spiritual Exploration: Get Started!

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Creative Practices For Spiritual Exploration

The definition of creativity is the capacity to generate fresh concepts, ideas, or methods of approaching problems. Contrarily, innovation of turning analogous concepts into actuality. Spiritual conviction believes that there is a higher power, a deity that rules the universe.

The problems might be extraordinary and fundamentally alter the course of the globe. We may reach creativity and spirituality through the subconscious mind, among other mental regions.

We may access everything, including the spiritual world and all connections, through the subconscious mind, which is the super conscious. A close relationship with the super conscious mind is necessary for really inspired production. We have to go into our subconscious to bring creative thoughts and spiritual connections into our waking consciousness.

Artistic Techniques To Uncover Your Spirituality

Understanding creativity from a spiritual standpoint allows us to collaborate with God and cultivate the sort of character that sustains us in a continuous state of co-creation. We must be willing to take chances, be in the moment, be open to creative process, be humble in the knowledge that nothing we put into the world is uniquely our own, be open to our intuition and follow it, and all of these qualities are necessary for partnership.

Artistic Techniques To Uncover Your Spirituality

Since God is a creator first and foremost, and since we were made according to his characteristics, we were also meant to be creators. Just by virtue of our humanity, all of us process the ability to be creative.

Two abilities that are essential to the creative process are observing and listening. Pay attention to the inner voice, which is quiet yet has to be heard, and look for ideas. Observe the environment around you, taking note of features and details that are missed when rushing.

Our experience of God is like the blurred view outside the window of a moving train while we rush through life. Even if we are aware of God’s existence, we are unable to understand what he is doing.

To be attentive, we must watch for God in the same way that we would examine a flower under a magnifying glass to find every feature brought into vivid focus. Being attentive necessitates taking time to pay attention.

Here are some pointers for starting your own spiritual and creative journey. We hope these will help get you started, whether you are painting, sketching, dancing, singing, performing music or creating scrapbooks:

  • Let’s start with your current location: The best place to start is wherever you are right now. You are inherently creative, as are all of us, regardless of what others may think of your aptitude or ability. To use creativity as a spiritual practice, all you need is the willingness to start and the openness to explore; no specific abilities or expertise are required.
  • Begin with your identity: Be silent. Turn inward. Being creative means accepting things as they are, the good, the bad, and everything in between. It enables us to comprehend it more fully and, in the end, to change it.
  • Get started: Start with the resources that are available. One can foster creativity as a spiritual practice using commonplace items like a ballpoint pen and paper, bare feet on the ground, a pile of twigs and leaves in your front yard, and your own voice. It is not necessary to buy costly items. Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary is part of spiritual practice.
  • Set your mind free: Pay attention to what seems energetic to you at the moment – whether it’s drawing attention to a certain image, using blue, or what a word sounds in a sentence. As you use your imagination and intuition, let go of your mind and relax.
  • Move forward: The creative process has several stages.  After the first round of painting  or composition, we frequently become connected to the work and don’t want to ruin it, even if we know it’s  not finished. After figuring out how to document what you have, proceed. A creative realisation often precedes our reluctance to allow a piece to adapt and evolve.

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Final Thoughts

Making art is just one aspect of creativity. It is a tool for figuring out how to locate the divine in each moment that God has given you via the ordinary. People who think they are not creative have hidden creativity away in corners of their lives, hidden behind the need for control, security and acceptance.

However creativity endures; it just has to be discovered and released, much like love, which is more persistent than death. Being more receptive to inspiration and creativity in whatever forms they manifest in life is facilitated by spiritual practice.

It opens the eyes to alternative ways of engaging with the environment and releases the mind from its complete concentration on rational, left brained functions.

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