The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening: A Closer Look!

Written by Maria Johnson

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Awakening spirituality is named Avidya (Sanskrit for incorrect understanding), which signifies the lifting of the curtain of ignorance. You remain functioning at a lower level of consciousness due to this ignorance, which conceals your true essence. You are not aware of what you do not know in this situation.

Three guans, or fundamental aspects of the universe, include tamas, which lies at the core of ignorance. You are trapped in the mental, emotional and physical quicksand of inaction by Tamas, who represents entropy, dullness, darkness, and inactivity.

Understanding The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

The process of spiritual awakening, fortunately, is in direct opposition to the Avidya currents in your life. Among the most powerful forces for progress, transformation, and change is the forward pull that the evolution of awareness produces.

Understanding The 5 Stages Of Spiritual Awakening

🌘 The Call to adventure

The call to adventure is a signal to take a vacation from daily life. It emerges from the subconscious, grabs your attention, and takes you in a different direction. The park that ignites a spiritual awakening is a call to adventure. Every life has a moment that, if seized, has the power to alter it forever.

A new perspective that forces you to view life differently is the call to adventure is – an awakening experience.  A journey to a distant place, the loss of innocence, a disease, a struggle, the passing of a close friend, a near-death experience, or losing one’ job are just a few examples of the many different ay thi spiritual experience can manifest.

Whatever the specifics, the experience causes your perspective to shift and open your eyes to a whole new picture of the world. It is your calling to live a routine life in an extraordinary way.

🌘 Choosing a path

Thi stage can feel strange and disturbing, even though it can also be an exhilarating moment. You are looking for a solution – a way to relive or revit that first awakening moment that changed your understanding.

Now is the time to look for anything new to help you contextualise or remap your worldview, such as a new philosophy, tradition, or practice. This is when a lot of people start really exploring spirituality. You are drawn to practice and approach that fit your distant personalities and inclinations. This phase is often characterised by a period of knowledge collection, self-study, and exploration of world religion or psychology. Vedanta identifies yogas, or route that lead back to the unity you seek;

  • Bhakti Yoga: Represent love and devotion
  • Jnana Yoga: Represent science and the intellect
  • Karma Yoga: Represent selfless service
  • Raja Yoga: Represent meditation all its related discipline

Every route offers a unique means of self-realisation and self-discovery.

🌘 Following the path

Once you’ve discovered your route, consistent discipline, study and practice help you move closer to the bigger goal of increased awareness. Sadhana is the Sanskrit word for the discipline of spiritual practice. Sadhana is the kind of spiritual practice that transforms it from a solitary endeavour into a way of life.

You are a committed traveller on the route, aware of all of its curves and dips. You become more skilled and educated about yourself as well as the tradition or practises you follow as your practice grows. There are two indicators, or markers along their path of enlarged consciousness that indicate spiritual development is happening. 

🌘 Losing the Path

But there are obstacles on the spiritual road. The awakening road, by definition, forces you to face your flaws, prejudice and resistance to change. Growing may not alay be comfortable. It is natural to battle with being in this world but not of it when your chosen path calls for you to modify your words, idea, feeling or action to be more understanding, forgiving, or compassionate.

Far more are the outside forces that tempt a spiritual seeker to abandon their journey toward enlightenment and go back to their regular existence. It is possible that at this time you feel a lot of help, as if you’ve succumbed to spiritual blindness. Fortunately, you are able to fully step into the light, continue to grow spiritually, and rise above this shadow.

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🌘 Merging with the path

The seeker finally enters a new level that is transcendent, visionary and beyond light. At this point, sadhana is no longer enough for you; you are the practice. You live in a state of unity where the landscape, the seen, the seer combine, no longer struggling to see.

You completely realise that a permanent change has occurred and that you are the boundless, everlasting, God-force that permeates everything. You fully awaken to your true nature as the omnipresent heavenly observer of the cosmos.

Seeking spiritual awakening is the greatest journey you will ever go on. It is an immense privilege for you to acknowledge the reality that this kind of trip is ahead of you. Accepting it is equivalent to entering the brave calling of your life’ mission and fate.

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