How Do You Deal With A Low Vibrational Person? Strategies Explained!


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Dealing With A Low Vibrational Person

We all encounter people in life who seem to carry negative energy or have a habit of bringing others down. These “low vibrational” individuals can sap our energy and make us feel drained after interacting with them.

Learning how to deal with these types of people constructively is an important life skill.


First, it’s helpful to understand what’s behind their behavior. Low vibrational people are often struggling with their issues – depression, anxiety, trauma, or chronic negativity. With compassion, we can recognize they may not even realize how their energy impacts others.

Second, set boundaries and limit your exposure when needed. If certain interactions leave you rattled, excuse yourself politely or cut conversations short. Take time to reset and uplift your own energy afterward through self-care activities. Say “no” if extra demands are placed on your time or empathy.

A Guide To Handling Low Vibe Individuals

When setting boundaries, communicate them through “I feel…” statements. For example, “I feel drained after our long discussions about negative topics. Could we talk about something more positive?” This makes it about your experience rather than blaming or judging them.

A Guide To Handling Low Vibe Individuals

It also helps to disrupt patterns of venting or complaining. If they launch into an extended rant session, redirect to ask thoughtful, open-ended questions that encourage them to problem-solve or gain perspective. For example, “This sounds really hard – what ideas do you have to make things better?” Or “How could this situation be viewed from a more positive angle?”

Limiting information-sharing is another useful approach if you notice they spread toxic gossip or negativity about you or others. Keep personal details vague and conversations high-level.

Practicing regular self-care is vital so that you have the bandwidth to interact with wisdom and compassion, rather than dread or avoidance. Do centering activities before and after seeing them – take a walk in nature, listen to uplifting music, meditate, or do yoga. Visualize an envelope of protective, peaceful white light around your energy field.

Raise Your Own Vibration Along With Setting Healthy Boundaries

It also helps to consciously raise your own vibration through positive self-talk, expressing gratitude, acts of service or kindness, spending time with highly positive friends or mentors, and doing creative activities you enjoy. Maintain the perspective that we all have ups and downs in a vibrational state based on life circumstances. Have compassion knowing they likely can’t help but spread their uncomfortable inner state outward.

When dealing with a loved one such as a family member or close friend who is chronically negative, have an honest heart-to-heart conversation from a place of caring support. For example, “I want to help uplift your spirits because I care deeply, but I feel worn down by our interactions sometimes.

Setting healthy boundaries means recognizing when others are responsible for their own energy and emotional state. Limit exposure when needed while sending distant blessings and hope they find inner peace. Visualize their hurt inner child receiving comfort and wisdom to heal.

The calmer, more centered, and non-judgmental you remain on the inside, the less turbulence you will experience in these relationships. You maintain agency over your reactions and responses, independent of their behavior and mood.

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Do I Have The Bandwidth And Emotional Capacity?

Not everyone is meant to walk the same path long-term.
It’s also helpful to clarify your own boundaries and relationship needs, and then evaluate whether they are reasonable and can realistically be met. For example, do you require a lot of positivity and emotional validation to feel energized?

That may be too high an expectation for someone going through grief or depression. Recognize when your needs outpace their ability to provide support.

If you decide to remain in a primary relationship with someone lower vibrational due to life circumstances – for example, a family member or coworker – then zero expectations around their mood or communication style may be wise.

Consider any positivity a bonus rather than a standard. Hold them in compassion while fostering community and caring connections with others who are more capable of mutual upliftment. We all need a diversity of relationships at varying frequencies to feel balanced and whole.


Dealing skillfully with low vibrational people starts with understanding the root of their inner turmoil, then setting firm yet compassionate boundaries around interactions. Limit exposure when you feel drained while taking steps to bolster your energetic state through self-care and vibration-raising activities.

Send them blessings from afar, recognizing that hurt people often hurt others unconsciously. Have a perspective that we all go through ups and downs in a vibrational state based on life circumstances – meet negativity with empathy while standing firmly in your own light.

The ultimate test of one’s spiritual wisdom comes in how one handles relationships with difficult personalities who push their buttons. Meet others where they are rather than forcing them to match your vibration.

With practice, one can become a healing presence capable of raising the tone gradually through non-reactive higher consciousness. Just a few minutes in the company of a highly positive person can start to shift even the most stubborn negativity or foul mood if met with pure love.

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