How To Start A Manifestation Journal? Step-by-Step Guide

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Maintaining Journaling Practice

Manifest journaling aims to reinforce future focused thinking. You may use your journal to help your subconscious mind see your future using a technique called “future scripting”. Keeping a diary might help you feel better about yourself and be more grateful for the good things that happened in your life. Even keeping a journal might help you manage your anxiety more effectively.

Future scripting is a journaling method and manifestation technique. It means creating the future of your life as if you have already lived it. Think about what it would be like to work towards your goal.

After that write in the present tense as if you are currently experiencing it. Theoretically, this helps adapt your mind to a new “normal”, which facilitates realising our desire. It lowers your expectations for reality, making you afraid to pursue your ambitions.

✍️ Maintaining Journaling Practice

A manifestation journal can assist you inputting the principles of attraction into action. It entails imagining the desired future, developing a strategy and accepting possibilities with an open mind. It may be an available tool in assisting you in achieving your goals and living your ideal life.

Starting a Manifestation Journal

You might be wondering how to start a manifestation notebook as a novice. Here is all you need to know about this magnetic instrument.

Keeping up the practice of journaling is the most difficult aspect of it. Here are some suggestions for continuing it.

  • Make time in your schedule

There is a common misperception that journaling occurs solely at the end of the day, generally before bed. However, you can do it whenever you want as long as it fits within your schedule. Set aside 15 minutes after your morning coffee, over your lunch break, or shortly after you get home from work. The idea is just to do it consistently.

  • Remove all Distractions

When you journal on the computer, you are exposed to all of the internet’s distractions. A classic pen and paper will let you detach and focus. Check that you are in a quiet area where no one can annoy you. Even minor interruptions will force you to leave your zone.

  • Set the Mood

Light a candle, play a soothing soundtrack, dim the lights-whatever it takes to make you feel at ease. Creating the correct surroundings will help you focus on your work.

  • Meditate before starting

You might need to cleanse your mind before writing. Close your eyes, take deep, relaxed breaths, and let go of any distracting ideas. After a few moments, you will be ready to write. You might need to cleanse your mind before writing. Close your eyes, take deep and relaxed breaths and let go of any distracting ideas. After a few moments, you will be ready to write.

  • Make it Enjoyable

Journaling does not have to be a boring, imposing exercise in self-reflection. You can have funds with it. Write down your dreams on a blank paper, no matter what they are. Colour with pencils, add stickers, and scribble in the corners. Use any structure you like.

✍️ Manifestation Journal Ideas and Tips

💡 Use manifestation journal prompts

Choose a few journal prompts to get you started and modify them as needed. You may maintain them in a separate manifestation diary, read them aloud every night, put them throughout your house, or write them down a few times a day. Manifest prompts encourage you to consider your future and how you want to accomplish it. There are several templates available online that might assist you in your manifestation quest.

💡 Write Positive affirmations

Affirmations are clear, positive phrases that are intended to assist you in making changes in yourself so that you become the type of person capable of achieving your life objectives. Declare your objectives in the present tense, as if they have already been accomplished, so that the thought and desire to experience that stated reality are always at the forefront of your mind. Negative self-talk is the easiest way to lose focus on your objectives. Positive affirmations educate your mind let you of negative ideas.

💡 Make a list of your objectives

The journey to our objective may not always be smooth or simple, but having goals, no matter how great or little, is part of what makes life enjoyable. It provides us a feeling of meaning and purpose, and guides us in the right path. It implies that success is the only conceivable consequence, and it may also serve as a manifestation list.

💡 Write down what you are grateful for

A gratitude list might help you overcome pessimism. It reminds you of all the positive things in your life, even if you forget about them at times. By keeping them in mind, you may preserve your positivity and attract great future events.

✍️ Final Thoughts

When using manifestation journals and other tools popular in the Law of Attraction community, have an open mind and heart. Don’t attempt to push yourself or force yourself to accomplish something that doesn’t seem good for you right now. If something doesn’t seem right at first, don’t force it.

Whether you are attempting to purchase a house, get in shape or win the lottery, chances are you have tried every technique in the book. However, if you want to see results quickly, you need a method that will keep you on track and focus your attention on reaching your goals.

The manifestation notebook is one of those strategies that might assist you in achieving your goals.

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