How Do You Practice The Law Of Attraction? Little Tips Explained!

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Practice The Law Of Attraction

If you’re a fan of personal development books, you have surely already encountered what is called the law of attraction. Don’t quite understand the concept? Relax and read this article until the end. We’ll explain it to you.

What is the law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is simply the ability to attract into our lives what we focus our attention on. In other words, if you have a negative and pessimistic outlook, you will only attract negative and pessimism. Whereas, conversely, if your thoughts are positive, you will only attract the positive into your life, your success and happiness depend only on you. In any case, this is what the law of attraction is based on.

Practical ways to use the law of attraction daily

We admit it is not that simple, but there are several little tips to help you get there: 

Practical ways to use the law of attraction

Start with easy focus

The literature on the law of attraction has a disadvantage: that of focusing mainly on material objects, almost ending up distracting us from our true nature, which is not so much to “Having always more, but to, “To be always more aware. Certainly, it is an easier practice to start by focusing on circumstances or specific things because they offer a more concrete visualization support to concentrate.

Indeed, something well defined is more practical for focusing your attention. It is not enough to think positively. For the law of attraction to work, it is essential to have perfect alignment between thoughts, emotions and actions. This alignment ensures that the energy we emit is coherent and powerful.

A healthy change of state 

The practice of the law of attraction is very interesting from moving from a state of “loser” who ruminates on toxic thoughts (which pushes him ever further into a negative spiral), to an optimistic and a positive inner state ( which infallibly, attracts better external circumstances to oneself).

An overly simplistic way of considering the law of attraction should be done away with, which would be closer to superstition than to a responsible rational approach, and which can only bring disappointment.

Thinking backward

The idea here is to chase away dark thoughts. When you don’t like something or something that bothers you, rather than emphasizing the negative aspects, focus on what you would like instead, pronounce it in your own phrase that best suits your emotion and reasoning. In another word, discover your affirmation words that will best refocus how you see and perceive situations.

Avoid projecting too far into the future

This means, enjoy the present moment, it is better to be happy and positive hours after hours, without being afraid of the future, without apprehension and without worrying, rather than preventing yourself from enjoying the present moment by already thinking about tomorrow, or even the day after that.

A vicious circle

This is perhaps the reason why after experiencing rapid success, people become disillusioned and then abandon the practice of the law of attraction. Giving up too quickly would be a shame, but what is also certain is that by continuing to do more of the same thing that doesn’t work, we will obtain more of the same bad results.

We must therefore change something in the practice of the law of attraction, if we want different effects. These changes that we are going to indicate are small nuances, which nevertheless make a big difference. Here is the central position: 

Focus on what you want to “be” instead of worrying about what you want to “have” (things to possess). It will be both more fulfilling, and more effective in relation to your force of attraction. Once you have made your first attempts with concrete and material supports, to check that it works: instead of focusing on a specific thing, or a factual situation. Focus on what motivates your desire, rather than on the content of this desire itself

Trust and know yourself

We could read on the threshold of the temple of Delphi, attributed to Socrates, the following commandments ” know yourself and you will know the universe and the gods”. And indeed, the law of attraction recommends that you stay consistent with who you are. This is how you can showcase yourself in the best possible way, enjoy your natural talents and achieve what you deeply desire.

Don’t be afraid of failure

We all know that to achieve our goals, we are often forced to fail, a fear for some who see it as a shame. However, failure is an integral part of our construction. It hurts, because it can make you lose self confidence, especially since it is not socially valued. Failure is part of the construction of psychological life, it is a necessary transition. After any failure, we learn a lesson, which is useful for our personal development.

Final thoughts

Finally, once you understand how it all works and find your own techniques, a wonderful journey of exploration and abundance begins, please do well and enjoy the ride under the beautiful watch of the law of attraction.

You have to be intentional and remain consistent in practicing these laws by outright release of your thought, emotions and actions to be totally enmeshed around it.

Something significant is important in actualizing this phenomenon, and that is, the law of attraction is not an act of superstition, but through discipline and consistency, your subconscious mind would definitely be configured to actualize the purpose of which it is to serve, and thereby come to that perfect state of inner peace .

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