Why Is It Important To Discover Your True Self? Understanding the Importance

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Understanding the Importance of finding true self

Humans are fundamentally social animals that have developed into a unique species partly because of the capacity to cooperate and to solve problems. When people collaborate in this way they usually end up with some compromises.

We are typically forced to employ some form of strategy in the social interactions; we communicate our wants and requirements while also taking into account the needs, preferences, and motivations of others.

Everything depends on and is made more difficult by the social and cultural environments in which we reside. 

We frequently find it difficult to be truly ourselves due to the social structure. Though we always wear several hats and play several roles in our life, at our core we all have a genuine self that we believe best captures who we are.

Sometimes a person feels as though life is sucking him dry. It would be helpful to all of us to know who you really are, and it might have a great impact on our mental harmony. Of course, we must do our hardest to live in peace with others.

We have to work hard to live our life, take care of our families, complete our professional duties and so on. Evidence suggests that finding our true self would be beneficial to all of us.

Strategies To Discover Your True Self

Strategies To Discover Your True Self


Meditation is focusing within the self, away from thoughts, feelings and impulses that make the mind reactive. Despite the wide variety of medication practices, they revolve around the practice of focusing within. Setting intentions and establishing your spiritual centre are the initial steps in any successful medication practice, even if there is no right or wrong approach prescribed.

You can establish spiritual connection by entering a state of inner serenity through meditation. It allows you to develop self-realisation, completeness, well-being and the freedom to be who you are.

Finding yourself will allow you to recognise your genuine wants and ideals, which you can combine with your inner knowledge to navigate life’s obstacles and reach higher levels of fulfilment and happiness. 


Mindfulness helps you reach self-realisation, wellness and peace while granting you the freedom to be who you are. Finding your actual self may help you align your goals and ambitions with your inner knowledge, enabling you to overcome obstacles and reach higher levels of happiness and contentment.

Our focus is frequently diverted by continuous feelings and ideas, especially when we worry about the future or focus on the past. We may daydream or separate ourselves from reality, letting the beauty and opportunity of life escape us.

You may intentionally focus on your awareness and observe the present moment, fully aware of your options, and capable of acting upon them. This is the attentive way of living. As you gain expertise, you will notice that your focus deviates less – when it does bring it back to the present, here and now!


Visualisation is a self-development strategy that involves deliberately focusing one’s imagination to generate a certain outcome. It may be used to change one’s reality or increase awareness. It may help us access our imagination, one of our most powerful tools. Mass media visuals and the spectacle of consumerism frequently supplant the imagination in popular culture.

Consequently, our imagination is neglected until it is employed to create amusement and artistic creations intended for consumerism or appreciation while being viewed, in addition to the value that socialisation places on the logical mind. Visualising is crucial because it allows us to see possibilities and information.

We may communicate with our unconscious power and awareness through our imagination, frequently by using symbols to connect the conscious and unconscious domains of experience. Important information that would otherwise be disregarded and analysed can be symbolically revealed to us by the imagination, while the logical mind is stiff and sceptical.

This may occur in both dreams and visualisations. Visualisation may be very useful to lead us on an inside journey to discover who we really are.


The stress of life events, the demands of others, or your response to unprocessed emotional triggers may prevent you from being in your genuine self and drive you to retreat to your reactive ego.

If so, try the mindfulness activities outlined above and consider whether you need to develop healthy boundaries to avoid letting other people or things take priority over your practices.


The more you connect with your true self, the more adept you become at staying in the moment and making connections. Realising who you truly are is the first step in gaining the best perspective on life and realising your true purpose in life. 

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