Affirmations For Money – What Are The Special Mantras?

Written by Jasmine Mitchell

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Affirmations For Money

Money affirmations refer to short and crisp sentences that encourage you to visualize a future of financial abundance through simple thoughts said repeatedly. When you relate to your money with gratitude, you are more likely to achieve financial freedom and embrace opportunities. 

By focusing on abundance affirmations, you can change your belief system and feel confident to take actions that help accomplish your money goals.

This article lists positive money mantras that you can include in your daily life. But before that, let’s see how to use these affirmations. So, let’s begin!

How To Use Money Affirmations To Change Behavior?

Your belief directly impacts your emotions. How you feel will dictate your behaviors. When you repeat positive affirmations, you break the cycle of negativity and limiting beliefs. 

When the inner dialogue changes, our beliefs begin to shift and we will start to feel more positive about money and financial situation. 

Money Affirmations To Change Behavior

Changes in our beliefs are what allow people to attract what they focus on – known as the law of attraction. As per this concept, if you want to achieve financial abundance, you need to envision it. 

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Powerful Money Affirmations

If you want these money affirmations to work, repetition is the key. It takes daily practice to change your inherent belief about something. In this situation, your financial goals. 

We are listing a few money mantras below.

Choose one or two that speak to you the most.

💡 TIP:

You can also set these money affirmations as your phone’s wallpaper as a reminder to repeat them. 

  1. I am worthy of the wealth I desire. 
  2. I am financially abundant.
  3. Wealth and abundance flow to me effortlessly. 
  4. I accept and receive unexpected money.
  5. I am a money magnet. 
  6. I am wealthy in more ways than one. 
  7. I am always discovering new sources of income. 
  8. I am open to receiving money. 
  9. I deserve to make more money. 
  10. I always have enough money. 
  11. I choose to live a rich and full life. 
  12. I get rich doing what I love. 
  13. I release all resistance to attracting money. 
  14. The more I focus on joy, the more I make money. 
  15. I have the power to attract wealth and money into my life. 
  16. I am worthy of financial abundance. 
  17. I am open to receiving all wealth life brings to me. 
  18. Every dollar I spend comes back multiplied to me. 
  19. I accept and receive unexpected prosperity. 
  20. I trust my judgment to make good financial decisions. 

Do Money Affirmations really work?

At first, it can feel strange to repeat positive money affirmations – especially if you are actually going through financial issues. Beyond the initial discomfort, pay attention to how you feel when repeating these mantras. Do they feel true to you? Do you wish they were true? Take notes. 

With time, this little bit of positive reinforcement will start sticking to the subconscious level. Keep going and eventually, the negative and limiting beliefs will start to fade away.

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How to personalize your Money Affirmations?

While the above-mentioned mantras can be useful, you can always personalize them for more effective results. 

Here are a few elements that you can consider to personalize your money mantras:

✔️ Be concise

✔️ Focus on self-reflection

✔️ Target the future

✔️ Have a clear outcome

Below, we have mentioned the steps in detail so that you can easily create affirmations that will work for you:

  1. Spend some time journaling and thinking about your money goals, financial future, and the biggest challenges.
  2. Once you do the journal entries, go through them and look for elements that create strong feelings – be they positive or negative. Describe the goal and emotion is six words or less.
  3. Find a single statement that makes your energetic, powerful, and positive. Write that statement down and repeat as much as you can. You can repeat these statements while getting ready for work, before your meals, or whenever you get time. You can also chant these affirmations before going to bed. 

Wrapping Up!

So this was all about money affirmations. If you are struggling financially, these mantras can guide you towards achieving financial success. The best time to repeat these affirmations is when you wake up or before going to bed.

Repeat as much as you can to eliminate negative beliefs and thoughts. After a few days of repeating these affirmations, you will automatically start noticing positive things happening in your life. So get started today and see the magic happen.

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