Best Vision Board Apps – The 2024 Guide!


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Best Vision Board Apps 2024 guide

A vision board is a powerful tool for visualising one’s ambitions, objectives, and desires. It concretely depicts one’s goals that may inspire and motivate. A vision board, or a dream board, collages of pictures, phrases, symbols, and affirmations graphically depicting what you hope to achieve.

It might be anything from professional ambitions like job progress to personal ones like fitness or travel plans. The notion is based on the assumption that envisioning our objectives makes us more likely to take the measures required to reach them.

Psychology Behind Vision Board

The efficiency of vision boards is based on two key psychological concepts: self-efficiency theory and the reticular activating system.

5 Best Vision Board Apps
  • Self-efficiency Theory

According to the self-efficiency theory, those who believe that they can accomplish a goal are more likely to succeed. Vision boards increase our self-efficiency by visually portraying our goals and constantly reminding us of our strengths and ambitions.

  • Reticular Activating System (RAS)

An attention-supporting network of neurons in the brainstem is called the RAS. The RAS highlights information that aligns with your objectives when you come across images that support them, increasing your awareness of options and resources.

How to Choose a Vision Board?

You may use a variety of places to obtain ideas, pictures and materials while making a vision board. The following are some typical inspiration sources for vision boards:

  • Books and Blogs: Books and blogs about goal-setting, personal growth, or the topics you choose to concentrate on can offer insightful information, creative inspiration, and vision board ideas.
  • Digital Design Tools: Presentation programs like Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides and graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop and Canva can be useful for developing a digital vision board. Numerous templates, modification choices and design aspects are available with these tools.
  • Art Supplies: Putting together art items like coloured pencils, markers, stickers and glue might help you customise and improve your vision board if you’re a hands-on learner. Craft stores and internet vendors of art ,materials carry these products.
  • Quote and Affirmations: Seek meaningful phrases, affirmations and motivational quotations that align with your objectives. These can be discovered by making your affirmations or by visiting websites, publications and social media sites.
  • Personal Photos: Your vision board might benefit greatly from the inclusion of images from your collection. Choose images that symbolise happy times, accomplishments, or experiences you wish to recreate or expand upon.

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5 Best Vision Board Apps

Perfectly Happy Vision Board

Perfectly Happy Vision Board

To assist you in creating the vision board of your goals, this digital vision board includes motivational, moving visuals (visualisation), encouraging spoken affirmations and moving music.

With just a phrase and a press on the image you want, you may use the app to search for and upload photographs from the internet. Based on 5090 ratings, Perfectly Happy Vision Board has a 4.8 out of 5.0 user rating in the App store.

Key Features:

  • To maintain your good attitude throughout the day, place your favourite inspirational quotations and affirmations on your home screen  (Widget).
  • Choose from more than 5000 positive affirmations and more than 4500 library photos.
  • You may evaluate your development at the end of each day by using the personal Gratitude Journal. Concentrating on the good things around you might help you draw more of them in.


Canva App

Canva is a common design platform that produces visuals that seem professional. Because it is so user-friendly, it is also an excellent platform for making online vision boards. To further customise your board, you may add your own photographs. Change the layout and utilise the customization tools. Additionally, you may utilise your vision board as desktop or mobile wallpaper by downloading it.

Key Features:

  • Large picture, sticker and other library to help you visualise your objectives
  • Various sized template layouts available for selection
  • The option to download your design as an MP4 or GIF, or as a PNG. PDF, JPG or SVF.
  • If you would like to share your vision board with the world, you may simply resize its layout for various social media sites.


Sparkello App

Sparkello is the greatest vision board builder tool for anyone looking to create one fast and easily because of its easy-to-use interface. All you have to do is write down your aspirations, upload your own photos, choose from the picture gallery or search for photos using keywords.

Key Features:

  • You may add hundreds of parks to your dream board
  • Includes articles and links on how to start one


Visuapp App

Visuapp is a simple web tool for creating vision boards. You can make both short and long-term goal boards with it and you can even include pictures from your smartphone gallery. All the app’s online vision boards, though, are by default private. This platform’s ability to play music for visualisation features – allowing users to enjoy melodies while building or viewing their vision board- is one of its best features.

Key Features

  • The feng Shui 9 segment vision board facilitates goal clarification into nine distinct domains. (Celebrity, inventiveness, prosperity (cash), family, health, profession, and travel.
  • Dream board includes for sharing
  • Message and daily reminder functions.


IWish App

You may make a vision board with the aid of lovely posters, sayings and other imaginative products found on IWish. The assortment of more than a thousand themes and concepts that you may utilise to make a personalised vision board is another outstanding advantage.

Key Features:

  • Thousands of origins; board ideas in many categories
  • Easy to use UI for beginners

How to Make a Vision Board?

The process of creating a vision board is thrilling and exciting. We will help you get started, here’s a step-by-step guide:

⭐ Set your Intentions

⭐ Gather your Materials

⭐ Find Inspiration

⭐ Create a Theme

⭐ Arrange and Design

⭐ Display you Vision Board

⭐ Review and Update

Does the Vision Board actually work?

It turns out that setting objectives in this kind of graphic manner in paper might really assist you in reaching them. Mental exercises, such as visualisation, can improve confidence, motivation and even motor function.


You cannot simply sit back and expect things to suddenly become a reality, even if a vision board is an excellent tool to help you reach your objectives.

Consider your vision board to be a living entity, and feel free to add, remove or create from scratch as needed. And be willing to consider other approaches to achieving your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to start when preparing a Vision Board?

Choose the feel of our vision as one of the first things to think about while creating a vision board. Furthermore, it is possible to prepare not just for your vision board but also for your surroundings. Making a vision board could be simpler if you’re in a more relaxed and possibly alone setting.

2. Is there such a thing as very huge wishes and dreams?

No mission is too great, too small, too simple or too complex. You deserve it if you strive for it, if you dream about it, and if you desire it. Go for every dream you really want to fulfil in  your life.

3. Should the Vision Board be in a place to be seen at all times?

To help you remember and stay focused on your aspirations and objectives, it might be beneficial to have them in a visible location. You may hang your vision board on the wall by framing it for this purpose. Or you may create desktop wallpaper for your PC.

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