How To Use Manifestation Candle? Simple Ritual Explained!

Written by Amir Cassandar

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Manifesting with Candles

Manifestation candles can be a powerful tool to help realize your dreams and bring your desires into reality. As an intuitive psychic, I often recommend them to my clients who feel stuck or need an extra boost to achieve their goals.

In this blog, we will explore what manifestation candles are, how they work on an energetic level, the best practices for selecting and preparing your candle, performing the accompanying ritual, and integrating the results after your ceremony. My aim is to demystify the process so you feel empowered to manifest your heart’s true desires.

I find that manifestation candles connect us more deeply to the abundant energy of the Universe. With proper focus and intention, we can partner creatively with this benevolent energy to draw the people, opportunities, and circumstances we most yearn for. Though not a magic bullet, incorporating this practice into your self-care rituals can accelerate the realization of your dreams.

Shall we begin unlocking the power of manifestation candles?

What is a Manifestation Candle?

A manifestation candle is a specially prepared candle you burn with the intention of turning your desires into reality. Typically made of paraffin or soy wax, these candles incorporate symbolic elements like color, herbs, oils, carvings, dressing oils, crystals, and written petitions to help energetically attract your goal.

The color, scent, symbols, and ritual you incorporate with your candle sparks lasting transformation by clarifying your desires, amplifying energy fields and frequencies, and aligning you vibrationally to receive your intention.

How Manifestation Candles Work?

On an energetic level, manifestation candles work by magnifying your intention through symbolic ritual. As you focus on your desire while burning the candle, its light, fragrance, and symbols generate a coherent energy pattern that communicates with the quantum field of possibilities.

Manifesting Magic Using a Candle

This field contains information about all potential timelines and outcomes. By broadcasting a consistent signal aligned with your desire, you collapse the field’s wave function into events, people, and opportunities that match your broadcasted pattern.

The candle’s burn time sustains this broadcast so your intention can permeate the quantum foam and attract resonant matches. It’s a powerful way to clarify and transmit your dreams to the Universe!

🕯️ Selecting Your Candle

When selecting your manifestation candle, consider its color, dressings, carvings, and even its shape to clarify your intention. Here are some examples:

  • Green candles symbolize growth, success, prosperity, wealth, and fertility.
  • Red candles connect with the root chakra and represent love, passion, courage, and protection
  • Gold and silver candles invoke enlightenment, psychic abilities, satisfaction, and triumph
  • Carved candles feature symbols like hearts, dollar signs, initials, unicorns, or crystals that refine your intention
  • Dressing oils like cinnamon, pine, or patchouli further customizes the candle’s energy
  • Writing a petition on paper rolled up inside or beneath also magnifies your broadcast through a sacred contract

Choose elements that feel right to you and your specific desire to maximize the power of your ritual.

🕯️ Preparing Your Space

Before performing your manifestation candle ritual, prepare your space by cleansing the area both physically and energetically. Physically tidy up, then burn sage, palo santo, or incense to release stagnant energies.

Next, invite in the vibrational field you wish to amplify that will attract your desire. Play music, display images, speak affirmations associated with your intention, or perform mudras/movements to embody it.

Ground yourself by feeling your feet on the floor and set your crown chakra toward the heavens. Breathe slowly to access an expanded, creative state. Align your actions, energy, and beliefs congruently with your desire so no mixed signals subvert your transmission.

By consciously directing your focus, you shape the energy in the space to establish clear communication between your wish and the quantum field. This primes the ritual to manifest your dream!

🕯️ Performing the Ritual

🌟 On the night of the new moon, draw a warm bath with 1 cup sea salt, 1 tbsp baking soda & 5 drops of essential oils aligned to your desire. Soak 20 minutes of visualizing. Dry off, dress cozily & drink chamomile tea in your prepared space.

🌟 Inscribe a petition paper with “This or something better for the highest good” & your signature. Place it beneath the candle. Hold your hands over the unlit candle, and sense them warming as you focus intently on your desire. Say aloud “May this manifestation unfold for my highest good”.

🌟 Light the candle. Speak/write desires in the present tense for 5 mins. Picture them realized. Feel sensations of wish fulfilled. Then say “May this manifestation unfold for my highest good” 3 times to close the ritual.

🌟 Let the candle burn for 1-hour min or until the petition ashes. Savour sensations of your desire energetically achieved. Extinguish the flame if needed, keeping faith it burns on other planes through sustained transmission.

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🕯️ After the Ritual

Once you have performed your manifestation candle ritual, your work has just begun. Maintaining your vibrational alignment with your desire is key so the transmission created continues permeating the quantum field until tangible manifestations precipitate.

Nourish sensory experiences, emotions, and beliefs affirming your intention daily through music, art, movement, play, meditation, and time in nature. Release any contrary vibrations with breathwork, journaling, or therapy. Express gratitude for all signs, big and small, your desire is unfolding. Make inspired action without attachment to the timing or form of results.

Trust that your ritual’s electromagnetic broadcast will attract resonant matches in divine timing. Be receptive yet detached from controlling the outcome. From this state of allowing, you maximize magnetic attraction energy. You also conserve energy to recognize and act on opportunities drawn to manifest your intention elegantly.


As you can see, manifestation candles are a simple yet profound tool that leverages energy, focus, symbolism, and ritual to realize your heart’s desires. While not supernatural, they concentrate your vibration toward possibilities waiting to emerge. They orient you receptively to welcome these manifestations gracefully.

So give manifestation rituals a try the next time you have a dream-seeking manifestation. Experiment with different colors, symbols, oils, and intentions while opening to receive through them.

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