5 Mindful Practices for Welcoming the New Year Gracefully


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The basic aim of mindfulness is to experience all of your sensations in the present moment, without judgment or explanation. It can be taxing to engage in planned activities, daydreams and focus on extended periods of time on unreasonable notions. It could also expose you to stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms.

You can break away from these mundane feelings by doing mindful practices. Get ready to welcome your new year with grace and a positive mindset.

Embrace The New Year Mindfully By Discovering 5 Practices

Explore the five routines you may follow every day in the upcoming year to increase your mindfulness.

Mindfull practices for new year

๐Ÿ˜Š Wake Up Positive

  • After you wake up, do not rush. 
  • Close your eyes and take three deep and fast breaths through your mouth and nose
  • Consider how your chest and belly rise and fall while you breathe in and out
  • Allow your breath to establish a rhythm of its own
  • Take note of how the quality of your interactions, relationships, and moos improves as you become more aware of your daily goals after the breathing exercise.
  • These five minutes make a lot of changes in your life. Rather than checking your phone after waking up, do this instead.

๐Ÿ˜Š Healthy Eatingย 

  • Consumption of the favourite cuisine is one of the most joyful activities we have, as humans and doing so consciously may make it a far fuller experience. Conscious eating can not only satisfy our need for nutrients but also provide a delicate sensation of mindfulness. While satisfying hunger we need to pay close attention to our body and what it actually desires.ย 
  • Before you start eating, take a deep breath. Always maintain a break between every task you are doing. Eat slowly. By halting, we slow down and make a more tranquil transition to our meals. Even before starting your meals, close your eyes and take eight to ten deep breaths in and out of your stomach before consumption.
  • Pay attention to your body. After finishing breathing, pay attention to the physical feeling in your abdomen. Try not to focus on when you last ate or what time it is and instead pay attention to your body rather than your thoughts.
  • Eat in response to your hunger. You can pick what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat more consciously, now that you are more in touch with how hungry you are.
  • Consume your food quietly. Slow down the process and always remember if you are not calm, it is difficult to digest or taste your food.
  • Do not overconsume or eat something that you don’t like. Slowly take your first bites, paying attention to the flavour, texture and feel the amount of delight you get from the particular meal. 
  • Make a conscious decision of what you eat based on your health and what you truly appreciate. Consider eating healthy, if you do not like healthy food, try to make a recipe and make the twist in cooking them the way you like. This year, let’s take a break from junk food and chemical food.

๐Ÿ˜Š Calmness and pausing

  • The more we use the sluggish brain, the stronger it becomes. When we perform something thoughtful and novel, we activate neuroplasticity, which is full of newly sprung neurons that have not yet been groomed for the rapid brain.
  • Consider using sticky notes to remind yourself of a new objective. That could work for about a week until your quirky brain and old habits take over. Try writing fresh notes for yourself, change them or make them funny to ensure that the sticker with you for a longer period of time.
  • Create new designs while writing. Consider a series of causes and effect messages to give easy reminders to switch to a slow brain. 

๐Ÿ˜Š Healthy Body

  • Mindful exercise can help you balance your body, mind and neurological system. Your body needs to move, it has to have an active lifestyle
  • Make your goal clear. Bring meaning to your workout by carefully imagining how you want to organise your workout session
  • Concentrate on matching your breath rhythm to your movement rhythm. Your brain activity, heart rate and nervous system all align and stabilise as you move rhythmically
  • Establish a routine and follow it constantly. Only a constant routine can bring ample changes in your body and mind. Do not take a break from exercising your body. Consider how aware and vibrant you feel when you push yourself.

๐Ÿ˜Š Travel in Peace

  • You can see a lot of people on the road, having different mindsets and approaches. Even though everybody wants to feel safe, comfortable and joyful while driving, it’s not always what you see around.
  • Do not be upset or angry while driving. Practice having a driving routine, while enjoying the process.
  • Notice the people who are singing or truly smiling while driving, which will immediately relieve the level of your stress and tension. Next time while you are driving, practice this routine. Do not be in a rush, be patient and drive in harmony.


Mastering mindfulness requires time and effort. Nobody excels in it initially. You mind has the tendency of wandering like a monkey. You need to tame it with love and patience. As soon as you find yourself in a mindful life, you will be showered with benefits like better mental health, less stress, stronger relationships and overall happiness.

Your days can be better and more in line with your desires if you take a few minutes at various intervals during the day to practice mindfulness. Always remember, your mind and body is your responsibility. Take good care of it and the next year can be your life changing year.

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