What Does It Mean When You See Crows? The Surprising Spiritual Messages!

Written by Maria Johnson

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Crow Symbolising meaning

Crows or ravens are the most common birds found around the world. The black coloured bird is common; however, it has religious and spiritual connections also. It is considered that crows are time travelers, and therefore, when the last rites are performed, they are often called. Shockingly, a bird that cannot speak understands the process and even appears before you. However, the bird also brings you messages from the spiritual world.

What Does The Crow Symbolize?

Ravens and crows are often associated with death, but then there’s more to it. A group of crows, for some reason, is called murder. The black intense eyes and shrieking voice were bestowed on it for a reason. It is considered that crows are messengers and exist in both worlds.

They represent the spiritual world and try to integrate it with the physical world. The sheer existence of a crow has deep rooted meaning associated with it. 

Surprising Spiritual Messages from crow

Crow Symbolises

Character TraitSymbolic Meaning
IntelligentCrows are seen as very clever, cunning birds in folklore and mythology. Their intelligence represents the ability to think strategically and solve problems.
Omens and SignsCrows appearing at poignant times are thought to convey messages from the spirit realm, acting as an omen or sign. Their presence highlights synchronicity and underscores the mystical side of life.
CommunicationCrows are messengers between worlds in Celtic mythology, facilitating two-way communication between the living and the dead. They remind us of the continual connection between spirits and humans.
Death and RebirthCrows are linked with death and the transition of the soul in many cultures. Seeing one after a loss symbolizes the departure of the soul and the process of rebirth.

Does the number speak it all?

Depending on the number of crows that one sees the message is understood. A single crow is often considered a bad omen. Seeing two crows brings luck whereas three crows suggest an impending change.

Different cultures could have different perceptions but they are more or less similar to one another.

Spiritual Meaning when you see crow

Reflect on the values

As you see a crow it could imply that it’s time to reflect on values. Sacred laws are different from man’s law or the law created by religion. The crow comes to give the message that man’s laws are not aligned with the sacred laws. Crows come to ignite our intuition and suggest that something is just not correct.

They send communication from the spiritual world- Crows are considered as messengers from the other world.

They are the link between this world and the spirit world. Therefore, they bring messages from our loved ones. It is only a pure soul that has its sacred laws aligned can actually understand the message. 


Some believe that crows fly in a way that, if studied closely, one could predict weather changes. Before rains or tornadoes, they fly a little differently. Seeing them implies that one is about to experience changes in life.

The crows warn us to change our ways of moving in life. Adjusting to the new change should be done. Crows bring the message that we need to change the way we are flying in our lives. Change is the only constant, but it takes time to accept, and crows help by sending the message.


Sometimes, the crow represents death. Death is the change of life to death. The crows often represent this change. In simple words, change demands the death of something old and the rebirth of new. It is not scary but the ugly truth of life. There is a reason that crows are not beautiful. Death is never beautiful but then the most crucial truth of life.

A Clean home

As crows represent the spiritual world, they are considered as pious. Crows symbolise a clean living space. The male and female birds came together to build a home that is well-protected and clean. Meditating on crow symbols can attract respect and health for the house.

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What does it imply when the crows come in a dream?

Dreams are full of information and forecasts of the future. Dreams are about the unfinished tasks that we need to tend to. If the crows regularly appear in dreams then it’s time to self-reflect. They bring the message that human laws are not in alignment with sacred laws. it could imply that something is not morally or ethically right in our lives and need to stand for it. In our life, we are busy, and there is chaos.

Amidst all this, it gets difficult to reflect on the right and wrong. Seeing crows in a dream gives the time to consider the aspects and work on them. The crow is always learning from people and places.

Therefore, if one sees many crows in the dream, it could imply that it’s time to bring the lesson and learn more. 

Nature is the biggest teacher, and when it brings the crow into our lives, time and again, it has something to do. Crow has mystery associated with it as they are time travelers. Crows bring a message from the spiritual realms that it’s time to change. 

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