Divine Feminine Energy Meaning: How Do I Find Them?

Written by Maria Johnson

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Connecting Divine Feminine energy

The concept of the Divine Feminine in spirituality has gained much attention nowadays. It represents the intuitive, loving, and caring qualities typically associated with femininity and alludes to the feminine energy inside every one of us, regardless of our gender identity.

In a culture that used male energy, there was an imbalance and a lack of equilibrium. Because of this, the Divine Feminine is significant because of its capacity to balance the traditionally admired male energy, which is responsible for strength, power, and control – often at the price of feminine attributes.

By embracing the holy feminine, we may access our own, and society’s sensuality, gentleness, inner creativity, compassion and courage. The Divine Feminine also alludes to cooperation and understanding.


Divine feminine energy represents the goddess archetype, the primal Mother Earth, and the mystical experiences of women. Honoring the divine feminine means embracing feminine power, cultivating self-love, trusting inner wisdom, living in harmony with nature’s rhythms, and empowering the marginalized feminine both within and without. The divine feminine complements the divine masculine, together creating wholeness.

This is why it’s essential for everyone, gender-neutral or not, to connect with their feminine energies and learn about the Divine Feminine.

How To Connect To The Divine Feminine?

Connection with divine feminine energy can have profoundly transformational and uplifting effects.

Divine Feminine Energy Meaning

The following spiritual activities can assist you in making a connection with this energy:

  • Self Awareness and Self-love

Self-awareness and self-love are prerequisites for connecting with the Divine Feminine. You may connect with the universal flow of feminine energy and embrace your energy by gaining better knowledge and acceptance of who you are. You may develop these traits and strengthen your relationship by practising mindfulness, self-reflection, and self-compassion.

  • Meditation

You may enhance your awareness of the feminine qualities of yourself and the subtle energy of the cosmos by focusing inward and focusing your thoughts.

  • Chakra Exercise

You can awaken the feminine elements of yourself by working with the chakras, especially the heart and sacral chakras.

  • Spend time in Nature

You can establish a connection with the earth’s inherent cycles by spending time in nature. You may connect with the Divine Feminine’s nourishing energy and the cosmos’s creative powers by spending time in serene and beautiful natural surroundings.

  • Create a Sacred Space

Setting aside a room in your house or another location for your spiritual practice may establish a haven where you can commune with holy womanhood.

  • Use Crystals

A connection to divine feminine energy may be facilitated by using certain crystals, such as rose quartz, moonstone, and amethyst, which are connected with this energy. You can wear or carry these chakra crystals, or you can include them in your meditation or ritual practices.

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  • Yoga

You may connect with the universal flow of feminine energy and access your body’s energy through yoga poses, breathwork and meditation.

  • Pay attention to goddess forms

Goddess images and the Divine Feminine are frequently connected concepts. You may strengthen your bond with the Divine Feminine and gain a deeper understanding of your feminine energy by investigating these archetypes and learning about their characteristics.

  • Observe the Moon’s Cycle

You may strengthen your bond with the feminine by utilising the phases of the moon. Paying attention to the moon’s phases and participating in activities that correspond with each one, such as writing, meditation or ritual can help you.

  • Journaling

Maintaining a written record might be useful for connecting with your inner divine feminine. You could better understand your feminine energy and increase your self-awareness by putting down your thoughts, feelings and experiences in writing

Divine Energy and Kundalini

Below the spine, in a state of dormancy, is the potential for the kundalini, the Divine Feminine Power, to surface as a physical manifestation. Upon awakening, this energy ascends via the chakras, which are energy centres, causing a variety of potent physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences.

In spiritual traditions, the role of the Divine Feminine in the kundalini rising process is typically emphasised.

It is believed that the feminine energy is responsible for supporting and directing the rising Kundalini energy through the chakras.

As a representation of our capacity for metamorphosis and awakening, this energy is commonly shown as a coiling snake.

The kundalini energy is awakened by particular procedures employed in numerous spiritual traditions. These might include yoga, breathwork, meditation and other techniques to bring the body’s energy centres into balance and activation.

However, it’s crucial to approach these techniques cautiously and under the supervision of an experienced educator.

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Embracing Divine Femininity in Relationships: Thriving in Love…

A fundamental aspect of embodying the Divine Feminine is granting space for others to exercise their free will. This entails avoiding helicopter parenting or nagging. A confident Divine Feminine recognizes her worth and identity, trusting that relationships meant for her will naturally gravitate back. Our relationships serve as reflections of ourselves.


The Divine Feminine has a long history and is widely acknowledged worldwide in mystical and spiritual traditions. Reconnecting with this energy and embracing its qualities may help us find greater balance, harmony and meaning in our lives.

In a society where conventional gender norms and stereotypes have shaped people, there is a growing recognition of the need for more respect and understanding of the feminine.

If we accept the Divine Feminine and work to rebalance our connections with the environment and ourselves, we can make the world more peaceful and sustainable for everyone.

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