Kundalini Awakening Stages & Signs You’re Experiencing It

Written by Amir Cassandar

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Kundalini Awakening Stages & Signs You’re Experiencing It

A kundalini awakening is the reawakening of latent energy at the base of the spine, resulting in a powerful and life-changing experience. In Sanskrit, kundalini means coiled or spiral-shaped energy.

According to yogic and esoteric traditions, each person is born with a latent, coiled energy called Kundalini that rises through the seven energy centres, or chakras, down the spine when it is triggered. 

A strong energy enlightenment is how this awakening is frequently characterised. Although each person’s experience is unique, tremendous energy sensations, changes states of consciousness, enhanced intuition, and a profound sense of connectivity with the world are typical indicators of a kundalini awakening.

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

The divine feminine force known as kundalini energy awakens the consciousness inside every one of us. Kundalini’s “symptoms” are the energy attempting to reach our consciousness and attention so that we can shift for the better. We may then awaken to our destiny and become who we were always intended to be.

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms

Signs of a Kundalini Awakening

  • Sense of Purpose and Destiny

A developing sense of purpose is the last sign of the kundalini awakening. Yogi Bhajan, the kundalini yoga guru, referred to it as destiny. We are prepared to “deliver our destiny” once we have healed our past, developed a connection to our heart and soul, and learned how to consistently cleanse the energy in our bodies.

  • Physical, Emotional, and Energetic Symptoms

At this stage, some people will start to have physical energetic symptoms. Some may be more mental than physical (depression, worry, hopelessness), but many report extremely visible symptoms (shaking, dizziness, difficulty falling asleep, a rush of energy, or a near-death experience).

  • Willing to Try New Things

These encounters’ intensity is frequently sufficient to encourage people to attempt new activities. We usually become more receptive to carrying out our tasks when what we know isn’t functioning.

  • Support and Synchronicities Appear Unexpectedly

We open ourselves up to help and miracles from unexpected places if we are desperate enough to attempt new things. Everything we need appears at the appropriate moment and in the right way – we meet the right people, go to the right workshop, pick up the perfect book and locate the ideal yoga studio.

  • Increased Sensitivity to External Stimuli

We should anticipate becoming more sensitive to things that we were previously able to tolerate as we begin to undergo these changes. Learn to prepare healthy, vegetarian meals and increase your awareness of the media you may be consuming to aid with these sensitivities. 

Many of us discover during this time that we need to switch up our “playmates and playthings” as our bodies adjust and we learn how to maintain a new level of homeostasis. Maybe we realise that getting our apartment and getting out of the roommate scenario will provide us with the space we need to take care of ourselves.

  • Feelings of Crisis

All of your earlier commitments begin to wane or cease to exist. We can resist this process out of fear, but most of the time merely makes the modifications more severe. This is the beginning of a trip that will need courage, tenacity, and support to finish.

  • Understanding of Inner Truth, Inner Energies and Inner Inuitions

We are becoming more aware o f our surroundings and sensitive to our feelings, thoughts and energy. Our hearts will let us know it’s time to give up when theft begins to feel comfortable with our old patterns once more. 

We connect with our inner guidance and spirit, and we develop a stronger sense of trust in our intuition. We begin to care less about what other people think of us as we become more self-aware. Perhaps, we become aware of physical ailments that need to be healed, especially in the lower chakras. 

  • Increase Compassion, Altruism and Recognition of Oneness

We become more conscious of the environment around us as we grow in self awareness. After healing through the lower chakras, our energy is now able to reach our heat centre. Compassion for others flows from compassion for us. 

Our hearts have been opened, so when we awaken to the pain of others, we experience it with greater intensity. This always results in a desire to lend a hand and return the favour by helping others. The universal truth – that all beings are interconnected- becomes an inward knowledge rather than merely an idea.

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Final thoughts

Consider Chakra training as a means of directing the energy you have received since your enlightenment. We must cleanse the chakras in order to achieve transcendence. Even though cleaning the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras-among others-may seem challenging, it is imperative to focus on the upper chakras.

Cultivating these chakras without being obsessed with outcomes is also encouraged. Meditation, which promotes quitting, attention and surrender of the mind, is an essential component of this process.

This facilitates a more fluid flow of internal energy and enhances mental clarity and calm. Have faith in the procedure. Seek out like-minded individuals in person or via an online group. Improve the yoga and meditation you do every day.

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