DIY Altar Manifestation: Craft Your Way To Your Highest Potential Self


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Things to place in your altar

An altar is a three dimensional vision board that represents some of our spiritual values, beliefs and objectives. Altars are similar to little temples in that You are more likely to perceive them intuitively. Moreover, visions may become more intense when they occur in front of an altar. There is no right or incorrect way to utilise your altar, since no two people follow the same spiritual path. Making it a constant habit is essential. 

Successful manifestations and personal growth are the outcomes of regular altar worship. Your alter’s power and good energy will grow as the energy from your spells and meditation accumulate over time.

Your altar represents taking care of yourself. Generally speaking, dirty and filthy altars indicate that it’s time to get back in touch with yourself. Your altar will grow more magical the more love you pour into it.

Placing your Altar

The location of your altar should be chosen intuitively. Deciding which room in your house feels the most comfortable. The more joyous, connected to spirit, and in the moment you feel in the environment, the better.

Things to place in your altar

It should ideally be placed where you can sit quietly and comfortably. It doesn’t matter how big or small and altar is.Utilising your altar is what makes it magical.

Things to place in your altar

You can design alter as basic or complex as you wish since alters are a vehicle for artistic expression. That is the attraction to creating altars. It is advised that you follow your most conscious intentions and intuitions at this time.

After that, build it from here. Anything that holds unique importance for you can be placed on your altar, even if it isn’t often associated with spiritual significance. If you want to maintain the spiritual hygiene of your altar, symmetry is crucial according to many spiritualists.

If you want to set up your altar in a way that encourages energy, you may place your tallest or largest item in the centre and arrange lesser items in an aesthetically pleasing pattern around it. This can make you feel connected and at peace when you visit your holy altar place, but it’s no also not necessary.

Securing your altar

If you want to increase the protective force of your altar, light a candle as you meditate at least once a day. When you are finished, you can put out the candle; just make sure not to blow it out instead put out the flames.

Customs to follow at your altar

Customs to follow at your altar

Everybody has the right to their own place to reflect, pray, think and worship. And everything else in your life starts to fall into place after you figure out how to create an altar or holy space.

Spending time at your altar always helps you find your core if you are looking for a greater significance in your life. You could decide to incorporate the following rituals into your practice

  • Full and New Moon activities include making list of persons circumstances and behaviours you are ready to let go of around the full moon and establishing intentions around the New Moon
  • Prayer is a wonderful habit to incorporate in your altar area, whether it is done in the morning, midday or evening
  • Giving presents to your guides can include any of the items or anything that has a connection to your departed loved ones, ancestors or spiritual guides
  • Meditation: At your new alter space you may practise Kundalini, crystal charging and so many more meditating practices as per your choice.
  •  Scrying: Get a crystal ball and attempt scrying with it or light a candle and try fire scrying
  • Using your alter to magnify and bring your manifestations to life is a great way to practise manifestation. You can practise your ideal existence by closing your eyes and visualising it.
  • Maintaining your altar on a regular basis is actually a mystical ritual in and of itself. This may be as simple as giving it a weekly dusting and organisation, replacing any withered flowers with new ones, and adding new offerings or objects that represent your present aspirations.

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Altars are just specific places that you choose based on your intuition to store your belongings and serve as a meeting location for your daily spiritual practices, meditation, prayer and offering gifts to your guides.

Whether it means arranging your bookshelf, window sill or nightstand so that a portion of it is clear, whether it means adding an end table, picture frames with images of your gurus and manifestation visualisation, candles and more.

It doesn’t matter how big your altar is or where you place it inside or outside your house, as long as you know that the area it occupies is sacred and you utilise it frequently! 

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