How Do I Find My Soulmate Moon Phase & Their Meanings?

Written by Maria Johnson

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Meanings of finding soulmate moon phase

According to science, moonlight is essentially the reflection of sunshine. The moon’s phase varies as per the position of the sun in the orbit. In other words, when you are talking about your moon phase, what you are talking about is the relationship the mood has with the sun when you were born.

There are distinct moon phases, each with a special significance. In light of this, your personality might be greatly influenced by the lunar phase you were born under. People’s energy, interactions, thoughts and spiritual journey will undoubtedly change due to the effects that a certain moon phase may have on a particular individual.

What Is The Moon Phase Soulmate?

The moon phase soul mate trend is predicted on the notion that the moon phase shapes your personality and by extension, your compatibility with other people during your birth. Therefore, for two individuals to be moon phase soul mates, their corresponding moon phase must be mutually supportive.

While interpretation plays a major role in determining the compatibility of two moon phases, this inclination provides another perspective. The first step is to determine the moon’s phase when you were both born to determine if you and your partner are moon phase soulmates.

Moon Phase Soulmate

Moon phases coincide to make a full moon compatible according to the moon phase soulmate trend. It’s far more complex than that, though there are chances of a strong relationship between two individuals born under any moon phase.

When you line up both individual moon phases, that is, a waxing crescent and a waning gibbous, or a first quarter and final quarter moon, some people participating in this trend believe the moon should seem full, while others believe you should have the same moon phase.

Some people think that moon phase compatibility has less to do with how things appear when lined up and more to do with how contrasts, like the two sides of a coin are balanced. By entering your date of birth into an online moon phase calculator, you may quickly determine the lunar phase you were born under.

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Meanings of Moon Phases

  • New Moon: Those born under this sign are impulsive, self-starters who like to follow their gut feelings rather than seeking permission. Though sometimes a little immature, they are adventurous and enthusiastic.
  • Waxing Crescent Moon: Individuals born under this sign are devoted, traditional, imaginative, and compassionate. They may be an all-rounder and a reliable source of support, but they may also need to develop their abilities to defend themselves.
  • First Quarter Moon Sign: Individuals born under this sign are the influencers. Intelligent and perceptive, they always seek methods to improve upon previous conditions. They may find it difficult to prepare ahead, yet they perform well under stress.
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon: Those born under this sign are motivated and driven. They are generally outstanding and dedicated workers, but their jobs need to have a purpose for them. Despite their unusual approach, they will complete any task assigned to them.
  • Full Moon: Those born under a full moon tend to be outspoken, self-assured and caring. Their aptitude for achievement and skill at manifesting may make them appear incredibly fortunate. Despite their tendency to be drama queens and even excessively materialistic, they make excellent leaders because they stay calm and cool under stress.
  • Waning Gibbous Moon: People born under this sign are said to be self-reliant and appear like ancient spirits. They will not engage in discussion with the characters in the drama unless they are the ones who start it with their ideas.
  • Last Quarter Moon: Individuals born under this sign are usually eccentric and rebellions in heart. They enjoy keeping  others guessing, are satisfied with their company, and don’t think romantic connections are important. They frequently have incredibly experimental and innovative minds.
  • Waning Crescent Moon: Those born during this last moon stage may appear somewhat extraterrestrial. They may possess immense insight from their numerous previous past lives, yet they may seem reluctant or depressed to interact with life. They must maintain their sense of reality and enjoy the small things in life.

Final Thoughts

Compatible natal moon phases, as previously indicated ,may enhance overall compatibility, but they are neither necessary for a happy relationship nor a guarantee that someone is your soulmate.

On the other hand, knowing the natal moon phases of both of you and your spouse may help you better understand one another and the dynamics of your relationship.

Astrologically speaking, the moon does have a significant influence on your inner and emotional world, which will have a significant effect on your relationship. Your relationship can be enhanced by knowing both your moon phases. 

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